Is Rob Riches Natural?

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Rob “Roids” Riches Fitness Model

rob riches

Rob “Roids” Riches

Rob Riches has an incredible physique.  Damn, i’d love to look like that.  Dude’s got a perfect body.

Unfortunately, his tips and tricks to becoming like him are total crap.

You can always tell a magician by the use of their hands, they are trying to distract you.  Watch the way that Rob Riches uses his hands to move all over the place and distract you from what’s really happening.

Those hands are literally all over the place and they will not stop moving.  Fellow Big Name Con Artists and Snakeoil Salesman Mike O’Hearn and Simeon Panda do the same thing.

If any of these guys are speaking, their hand are fucking MOVING!!!

Rob Riches always had a clean history until a couple years ago when he was popped for performance enhancing drugs at a physique competition in the UK.  Allegedly, as he claimed, it was for a “Contaminated Supplement” similar to the claims Olympic athletes (Notorious Dopers) have learned to use when they get popped for using performance enhancing substances.

DurianRider made an absolutely HILARIOUS video parodying Rob’s “Drug Test Fail Explanation” Video:

There’s nothing wrong with using performance enhancing drugs, in fact, all champion athletes use them.  It’s not even debatable if you have half a brain, but most of the world and especially the babyboomer generation wants to believe in doing things “The Right Way” and “100% Natural Hardwork” so they eat up the lies told by these guys like Rob Riches, Mike O’Hearn, and Simeon Panda.

Again, There’s nothing wrong with using performance enhancing drugs from a moral point of view.  Also, PED’s are illegal and there is nothing wrong with denying their usage to protect yourself.  But, these Fake Natty’s market themselves as Drug Free in order to scam people  out of their money.  They don’t just say they don’t use drugs, they actually flaunt it, dancing around telling everyone they can, every time they can, I AM NATURAL BODYBUILDER! BUY MY PROGRAM!

Rob *Roids* Riches Ladies and Gentleman!



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