Ronnie Coleman Biggest Bodybuilder Ever

Ronnie Coleman The Biggest Bodybuilder Ever

Biggest Bodybuilder Ever

Ronnie Coleman’s Back Double Biceps

Among those who follow professional bodybuilding closely, Ronnie Coleman’s name simply must be mentioned, in a conversation regarding muscular development or else the individual is guilty of blasphemy!

Ronnie Coleman is the biggest bodybuilder ever.  His dense granite muscularity is sight unseen.

When I first got into bodybuilding in 2007 I wanted to look like Arnold and the Golden Era bodybuilders in pumping iron.  I actually still want to look that way, but the way I evaluate a muscular physique has matured considerably.  Back in 2007 when I saw Ronnie in photos and video, I would always say to myself “Why do they keep making him winning? This is bullshit! His abs are grotesque and he doesn’t even have a six pack!”  <—yes, at the time I was guilty of bodybuilding blasphemy.

It didn’t take long for me to see enough of bodybuilding to gain perspective on how absolutely frightening the immense muscularity of the king, freak, and master of bodybuilding Ronnie Coleman was.

For years now my jaw never fails to drop when I see a clip of Ronnie working out in his movie “The Unbelievable”  watching that shit literally makes my mind explode as if it had been dropped into a Vita-Mix blender on incinerator mode.

In the words of Jason Genova The Dark Lord Spaniard, “It Sick! It Piss! It Revolting! It

biggest bodybuilder ever

oh jesus christ


Dorian Yates started the final phase of the bodybuilding mass monster movement and Ronnie Coleman finished it and fucking slammed the door shut.

I actually do not believe we will ever see another freak to surpass Coleman as the biggest bodybuilder ever and the most dense, hard, strong, freaky man on this planet.  Coleman literally was just a fucking mutant sent by god to Shoot enormous amounts of Steroids, Insulin, and Human Growth Hormone into his blood on a daily basis baby please.

In fact Ronnie Coleman tells a hilarious story in an interview on youtube about how he got involved with not just taking steroids but learning that the top pros were supplementing their steroids regimens with MASSIVE ASTRONOMICAL amounts of Human Growth Hormone and Insulin.  (Note – When Coleman speaks of “Vitamins” it’s a politically correct way of saying “Illegal Bodybuilding Drugs”)

After learning from Flex Wheeler “How To Hang With The Big Dogs” Big Ron did what was biggest bodybuilder evernecessary to mutate his physique into the freakiest monstrosity of human man ever accomplished.  The next 2 years would see him go from being a low placing and unrecognised professional bodybuilder, into being the undisputed world champion, slaying his competitors, wiping them out, and an 8 year win streak at the Mr. Olympia competition, Bodybuilding’s Super Bowl where Ronnie cemented his status as the biggest bodybuilder ever.

Ronnie Dominated IFBB Professional Bodybuilding so severely during his 8 year run that there really was only one token competitor to push him.  That man was Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler basically became hell bent on defeating Coleman after a narrow loss to Coleman in

biggest bodybuilder ever

Cutler and Coleman Boxing For The Title at the 2001 Mr. Olympia

his 2001 Olympia Debut.  This is the one year that someone REALLY pushed Ronnie in the Mr. Olympia Competition.  Cutler was so fucking sick.  2001 Cutler has to be the 3rd best physique of all time in regards to professional bodybuilding.  The cuts, the detail, the extreme muscle separation, density, and development.

In 2001 Jay Cutler had more quality, but Big Ron just straight up out muscled him.  That’s the thing about bodybuilding is that sheer rock hard granite muscle bulk is nearly unbeatable, it’s so impressive and breathtaking it could even be called obscene.

Other than being outmuscled, I actually have Cutler beating Coleman from the front that year

biggest bodybuilder ever

Ronnie in the Center, Making Cutler (left) and Levrone (right) look like soft children

but it’s another story when they turn around.  In the word’s of Big Ron during the challenge round of the Posedown, “Rear Lights Out Game Over Lat Spread”

Fuck, when they turn around there really is nothing to say but “Game Over”

Coleman from the rear overwhelms anything else in the history of bodybuilding.

A bodybuilder’s rear (their upper back, lats, traps, lower back thickness, glutes and hamstrings

biggest bodybuilder ever

Jesus Christ

are similar to a Super Bowl Winning Defense in NFL Football.  Bodybuilding competition are won and lost from the rear, just like the super bowl saying “Defense Wins Championships”

After Coleman’s narrow victory to Cutler in 2001 and again his narrow victory versus Levrone in 2002 Big Ron Upped the Dose.

After a year of obscurity in training The King emerged in 2003 in his final form.  Showcasing what is to this day the biggest hardest freakshow ever seen.

A cool feature about Ronnie is that he is not only the most muscular man to ever live, he is also strong as fu*k.  His infamous 800lb deadlifting video for reps “LIGHTWEIGHT BABY! YEAH BUDDY NOTHING BUT A PEANUT!” is legendary.

Basically Ronnie Coleman was the biggest bodybuilder ever because he was willing to do WHATEVER it took to win and be the best.  A mindset echoed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and all athlete champions.

biggest bodybuilder ever

A Young Ronnie Coleman

biggest bodybuilder ever

biggest bodybuilder ever

Peak of Ronnie’s Muscle Mass

biggest bodybuilder ever

A Young Ronnie Coleman

biggest bodybuilder ever

Peak of Ronnie’s Muscle Mass

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