Route 66 Bangkok

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Route 66 Bangkok

Route 66 Bangkok is my favorite nightclub to head to when i’m going out to get laid.  I’veroute 66 bangkok scored some sexy university girls here with big fake tits and slim sexy bodies that of course came along with that signature Thai Charm. <3

If you’re looking to go out and get laid tonight, it’s always a good idea to hit up some thai girls online and see which one’s are down to meet up with you at the club, most thai girls consider RCA and Route 66 to be a trendy place to hang out and going there with a foreigner and taking a selfie will at the very least be something for them to brag about to their friends, and will give you an option of having a Thai Girl who very likely wants to go home with you at the end of the night.

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route 66 bangkok

RCA Route 66 Bangkok Female DJ

Route 66 Bangkok is located in the RCA (Royal City Avenue) Area of Rama IX. RCA refers to this area which is several streets of just pure nightclubs.  It’s a favorite nighttime hangout for Thai University Students, Western Expats, and Young Working People.  The crowd is mixed about 50% Thai and 50% foreigner.  You can frequently find Korean and Japanese girls partying here on their holiday trips.  The age range is generally 20’s-30’s.  There are no Hookers at Route 66 or RCA in general so if you are looking for some pay for play action head over to Soi Cowboy or Hang out with the thai bar girls at Nana Plaza.

route 66 bangkok

Thai Girls Partying at Route 66 Bangkok

Route 66 Bangkok has an entrance charge of 300 Baht for foreigners but if you are Thai admission is free.  Luckily, the 300 baht is exchanged for tickets which can be used at the bar to buy 300 baht worth of alcohol.

In general Alcoholic beverages in Thailand don’t have much alcohol in them, similar to the way the coffee doesn’t have much caffeine.  Because of this, I never order mixed rinks when I go out and i’ll usually be taking shots of tequila or drinking Chang beer. Chang is a Thai beer that has got a nice bite, tastes good, comes in a nice bottle at 4.5% ABV, and never costs more than 160 baht at any bar.  Unfortunately, alcohol isn’t much cheaper in Thailand than in the USA, so generally drinks will be in the 150 baht range which is $5USD.

Outside Patio Route 66 Bangkok

When you enter Route 66 Bangkok there is a large outdoor patio area that is about as big as aroute 66 bangkok Football Field people are usually chilling out here, smoking cigarettes or sitting in small groups chatting.  Often, groups of 2 Thai girls will be together and somewhat lonely, they are often times delighted to be approached and flirted up by a foreigner.  This outdoor patio area is where I like to “Lurk” (lol) and spin my game.  It’s quiet enough that you can hold a conversation without any problems and it’s significantly easier to maneuver around from group to group than inside of the venue.

route 66 bangkok

Outdoor Patio Area at Route 66 Bangkok

I’ve noticed that girls who smoke cigarettes generally are more down to have sex.  It’s not uncommon for smoking hot Thai Girls to leave their friends inside Route 66 Bangkok and come out onto the patio alone to have a cigarette.  These are usually the sexier more Bad Ass Style Thai Girls and this is a perfect opportunity to spit some game.

Inside Route 66 Bangkok

Inside the indoor portion of Route 66 Bangkok it’s always super crowded.  Thai Style clubbing is route 66 bangkokmuch different than western.  The main dance floor in front of the DJ will be lined with tables where patrons have bought bottles and will be standing drinking hanging out with friends.  You can attempt to pick up Thai girls inside in this environment but I find it to be pretty tough.  It’s also loud as all hell inside so communication is going to have to be completely non-verbal.

There are 3 main rooms inside Route 66.  The main and largest room is mostly trendy EDM music.  There is a very large dance floor area (filled with tables with bottles on them) which is surrounded by a raised area with more tables, a large bar in the rear and a large stage where the main DJ is spinning in front.  route 66 bangkok

The middle room is the smallest and is focused towards people who enjoy the rave scene.  The center room plays trance EDM all night and has that rave culture feel to it, especially because of the type of people who hang out in this room.

The 3rd room is a large room and has the most open space of any of the 3 room at Route 66 Bangkok.  It always has a large live band playing and is usually completely filled with Thai people.  I never notice a single foreigner in this room lol.

When to Arrive at Route 66 Bangkok

Route 66 is open everyday of the week, and people go there every night.  My favorite nights to route 66 bangkokgo there are obviously Friday and Saturday because that’s when it’s completely filled with people looking to party and I never feel too cramped because there is always enough room outside on the large patio where I like to hangout.

As you know by now, I usually go to Route 66 at RCA with the intention of getting laid and having sex with a thai girl by the end of the night.  There are always Thai Girls available with the same intention of their mind as me and going on a friday or a saturday gives me more leeway and selection on which thai ladies I run my game at.

route 66 bangkok

Thai Girls at Route 66 Bangkok During Songkran

I always try to arrive at about 11pm.  Route 66 Bangkok closes at 2am so going at 11pm gives me enough time to get there, chill for a bit, have a few drinks, and take my time finding the thai girls I find interesting.

Remember that the dress code at Route 66 and RCA in general is Pants and Closed Toed Shoes and No Tank Tops.  Dress to Impress or you won’t get let in.

Have a great night out and make sure to ask her if she wants to come back to your place to check out your pet snake!

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