Self Administering Testosterone Replacement Therapy – The Internet’s Definitive Guide

Self Administering Testosterone Replacement Therapy – The Internet’s Definitive Guide

disclaimer – this is not medical advice, by reading this you agree to have read the medical disclaimer, This article is for entertainment purposes only, I do not advise doing anything to violate the laws of the country in which you reside. If you want to Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked Online Go Here

Hey guys,

self administering testosterone replacement therapy

10cc Vial of Testosterone Cypionate

This is a super popular question I get is how to start Self Administering Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  It’s really not very complex and can be done without too much effort on your part.

First we will talk about drugs and dosages, these are the drugs you will need:

  • Testosterone Enanthate/Cypionate (enanthate or cypionate makes no difference)
  • HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  • Arimidex chemical name Anastrazole
  • Syringes + Needles 18g 1 1/2″ inch for pulling 25g 1″ inch for shooting + alcohol wipes

That’s all you need. Those are the ingredients and tools necessary to copy the best doctor prescribed TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy at home.

self administering testosterone replacement therapy

TRT client results

Okay so for dosages of Testosterone, the normal range for a male is 400ng/dl – 1200ng/dl.  As you can see normal for one male may be 3x the total testosterone of another male.  So we are going to be shooting for Testosterone levels over 1000ng/dl to ensure you recieve the full benefits of what TRT can offer you.

The dosage of Testosterone you should use is 200mg per week

Do this in one shot (should be a 1cc intramuscular injection of oil) on the same day of each week.

HCG should be taken via intramuscular injection 2x per week at 250IU each time.  

HCG keeps your balls from shrinking and also keeps the bodies HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) from shutting down (also makes you shoot huge loads of semen).

Arimidex is an anti estrogen/aromatase tablet taken orally.  Each tablet is 1mg.  Dosing on this is extremely individual as some men produce a lot of estrogen via conversion of injected testosterone by the bodies’ aromatase enzyme, while other men barely have any aromatase enzyme and barely produce any estrogen.

self administering testosterone replacement therapy

I know why did they have to pick the color pink for the package instead of something manly like blue

Common dosing of Arimidex is 1mg twice per week.  Arimidex is something that should be taken “as needed.” Meaning if you are having high Estro symptoms like high blood pressure, water retention, or itchy/painful nipples, you should definitely take some Arimidex that day.

As for injection technique, see, choose the muscle group you wish to inject and imitate the technique demonstrated on that website.  I mainly receive Glute Injections.

A Sample Injection Schedule Looks Like This –

Sunday Testosterone Intramuscular injection 200mg

Tuesday HCG 250IU intramuscular Injections

Friday HCG 250IU Intramuscular Injection

Arimidex Oral Tablet 1mg on Sunday, 1mg on Friday

All this can be adjusted, but it is a very common and effective template used by physicians.

Pharmaceutical Grade Arimidex can be bought here without a prescription <–I’ve used this company and can vouch for their reliability and quality

The same company also sells the HCG you’ll need, Here’s The Link to Their HCG  <–

Search Google for “medical supply overstock” site for cheap syringes and needles self administerine testosterone replacement therapy

Also, get your testosterone levels checked before starting Self Administering Testosterone Replacement Therapy, then a month after you start TRT get them checked again so that you know everything is working good and that most significantly, your testosterone levels are in the high normal range.

I used PersonaLabs when I first got my testosterone levels checked, it was easy because I just paid online, showed up to the lab, went home, and viewed my results online.

Follow This Link To Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked

PersonaLabs is a Blood Work Lab with locations all over the USA who do private blood work.self administering testosterone replacement therapy

You buy the “Free and Total Testosterone Test” show up to a labcorp location (There are literally at least 50 of these blood work labs in every medium sized city in the USA) Labcorp takes a vial of your blood, and a few days later send you your testosterone results online.

Alright guys, this is everything you need to know to begin Self Administering Testosterone Replacement Therapy

3 thoughts on “Self Administering Testosterone Replacement Therapy – The Internet’s Definitive Guide

  1. Ted

    Hey man! I love your articles, I would like to ask a question regarding TRT and fertility, is there any way to get in contact with you for a short email exchange? Thanks alot for your stuff!

  2. mike

    Wondering how many 20pmg injections per bottle of the tesosterone and how do you emsure you are injecting the correct 200mg each time?

    Great info thanks

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      there are 10 injections of 200mg per 10 millileter vial of testosterone.
      it is measured in mg/ml or milligrams per millileter. so look at your vial of testosterone and check how many mg/ml. one 1ml of hormone oil in the syringe will equal the number of mg/ml stated on the vial


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