Steroid Cycle Advice/Planning

Hey Guys,

As you can see from reading my site, researching, studying and applying the use of androgenic-anabolic hormones is a passion of mine.

I know a lot of responsible lifters want to use gear but don’t know what advice to trust when planning a protocol and putting together everything that is required to prevent side effects.

A lot of these guys don’t have the time or passion to study all about gear like I have and just need some simple help from a trusted individual who knows how to do it safely. ┬áThat way they can be sure the steroid cycle they do will give the best gains for their goals, while side effects will be a non-issue and post cycle recovery will be seamless.

I can help you to plan the right cycle to make the gains you’re looking for.

We can discuss your physique, your goals + experience and plan out an exact protocol of how to run the right steroid cycle.

This would be in the form of email to email coaching.

I offer the service…

To plan out 1 full cycle protocol (compounds, dosages, anciliaries, pct etc.)

For a standard fee of $20USD over paypal

To Inquire about this service, send email to

Looking forward to working with you.