How To Know If Your Steroids Real or Fake

How To Know If Your Steroids Real or Fakehow to know if steroids real or fake

I think everyone who has taken any anabolic steroids or considered taking them has had the question “What if my steroids are fake” cross their minds.

steroids real or fake

It’s common for guys to inject themselves and take tablets while “hoping for the best.” Not knowing whether or not steroids real or fake.

This is not optimal or safe, you want to know whether or not your steroids are legit.

What’s worst is when girls take Anavar or Primobolan or something without knowing for sure what it is.  Maybe it’s Dbol which is going to permanently ruin a woman’s femininity.

William LLewelyn the guy who wrote the book “Anabolics” which is released every year and features lab testing of nearly every american UGL, has recently solved the problem of wondering how to know if your gear is bunk.

roid test

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Roid test is the way to quickly find out if your steroids are real.  Roid test is an at home steroid test kit. These are drug testing kits similar to those in use by law enforcement agencies and forensics labs around the world. Through TV and movies, most of us are familiar with a police officer placing a powder sample into a test tube, and looking for a color reaction.steroids real or fake

This is the same way RoidTest works and it is good for both injectables, tablets, and capsules/powder.

An extremely small sample is required for ROIDTEST to work. You place a few drops of liquid, or a matched sized scraping of the powder from the steroids you want tested, into the provided ampule, and check the color reaction against a provided chart. In minutes you will see if the substance has been identified. These kits are fast acting, portable, and inexpensive.steroids real or fake

This is such a large improvement over Labmax, which was previously the best way to check steroids for authenticity.

You don’t need to wonder if you have real masteron or primobolan.  You don’t need to worry anymore if your anavar is winstrol, you can just use one of these test kits to make sure you’re using the real thing and it’s only like $20 USD.

I think anyone who has used steroids wishes they could know 100% whether or not their steroids are real.

If you are using UGL’s for your gear you never know what the fuck is in that bottle, your steroids could be fucking vegetable oil.

People say there’s no real Masteron Enanthate! Or the Primobolan you are using can’t be real, you must be running EQ or NPP.

Well now you can know for sure whether or not you are running what you think you are running.

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-the bodybuilder in thailand

steroids real or fake


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