The Tank Tops I Wear to The Gym

The Tank Tops I Wear to The Gym

tank top

Click the image to go to where I bought them on amazon

These American Apparel cotton poly Tank Tops are the one’s you guys always seeing me wearing in videos.  I wear a size XL. That Skinny Cunt Isn’t Me.

They’re so comfy and high quality, that’s why I had to buy a bunch of them.

I like Tank Tops that show a good amount of the chest area, scooping down low on the neck, these shirts do this without making it too extreme.  They’re are thin, soft, and stretchy so they’re really cool and quick drying when i’m out here in Bangkok Thailand sweating my ass off.  I think the grey one looks the best but I have all the colors lol.

I’m really particular about Tank Tops, because I like them to accent my muscular build.  If they look goofy or funky at all it ruins it, and that is why I can’t be buy shit like fruit of the loom or H&M disposable wear them one type and throw ’em out tank tops.

These American Apparel Tank Tops can be washed a bunch of times without falling apart or fading.  They also never bleed ink on my other clothes.

The main thing is that these tanks look hella sexy.  I’ve got compliments from girls when I would wear one with a pair of jeans.  They would say something like “That shirt looks really really good on you today” when we went and got a casual dinner.

I suggest getting two or three to try them out.  Wear them to the gym a few times and you will see that it highlights the development and separation of your chest, delts, and traps.  When you get a pump in the gym. ohhhh.  HoeWorthy! and once you get those cuts for the slutz you gonna be in pretty good shape. Wide Lats to make the hoes keep coming back.    <—Amazon Link to wear to get them.


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