Testosterone Test Kit Walgreens

Testosterone Test Kit Walgreens

Q. do these exist? A. Yes.

Q. are they worthless pieces of shit? A. Yes.

Alright guys, you can’t test testosterone levels without having a lab.  No at home testosterone

testosterone test kit walgreens

testosterone test kit walgreens

levels check kit is going to be able to accurately tell you your testosterone levels.

Most of these kits rely on urine and chemical reaction and for the user to interpret them.  These are entirely inaccurate, and if you own one it should be treated as garbage.

Total Testosterone Levels in the blood must be tested in order to have an accurate reading of your testosterone levels.

You will need to go to a lab, and they will draw your blood, then they will do lab work on your blood sample in blood density, which is read ng/dl or nanograms per decileter.

This analysis from blood is vital and there is no way around this requirement.  In order to get a valid accurate testosterone level check it is necessary to do so by blood analysis.

Since the standard reference range includes people with 3x as much testosterone as another man 400 ng/dl versus 1200 ng/dl , you want to make sure your total testosterone is not near the bottom of the reference range.  I would seriously consider TRT replacement therapy if you are lower than 600 ng/dl total testosterone.

I used PersonaLabs when I first got my testosterone levels checked, it was easy because I just paid online, showed up to the lab, went home, and viewed my results online.

Follow This Link To Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked

PersonaLabs is a Blood Work Lab with locations all over the USA who do private blood work.

You buy the “Free and Total Testosterone Test” show up to a labcorp location (There are literally at least 50 of these blood work labs in every medium sized city in the USA) Labcorp takes a vial of your blood, and a few days later send you your testosterone results online.

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