Thai Street Food

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Thai Street Food

Thai street food is one of my favorite aspects of living in Thailand.  It is always available at a thai street foodmoments notice, everywhere you go.  It is always delicious and healthy and cooked by smiling thai faces who are full of fun and optimism.  I love seeing my friends in Thailand who cook street food.  I walk outside my apartment to get breakfast in the morning, and each day it’s the same people out there seeing “Big Farang” walk towards them down the street to buy some vegetable, chicken, and sticky rice.

Street food vendors are a lively bunch with an entreprenurial spirit.  They set up small carts and plastic tables with chairs to cook and sell their food from.  Essentially, they make tinythai street food restaurants on the sidewalk or the shoulder of the road, anywhere you might be in Bangkok.  They usually hang out at the same spot each day with other street food vendor friends.  Many of the people who sell street food are from Esaan in the northeast where the most beautiful women in Thailand come from.  They like to laugh and joke, sometimes tease each other while working.  This makes for a great time, and is very entertaining.   I like to practice my Thai language skills with thai street food vendors.  This can be a hilarious experience when they all come together interested to see Farang (foreigner) try to speak thai.  I always use this as an opportunity to say thai words like “tickle” (jacka chee!) or Sab (special Esaan dialect for delicious) to make them laugh.

I swear Thai Street food vendors are so fun to interact with that it is one of the most pleasant and charming experiences of being in Thailand.  Not to  mention it’s so bodybuilding friendly!thai-food-3

Ever been stuck out of the house without meat?

In Thailand this will never happen. EVER!

At all times there is a street food vendor within a 2 to 3 minute walk cooking fresh grilled chicken and rice, they may even have spicy papaya salad “Som Tam” as well.

Is all food in Thailand spicy?  For the most part yes, but if you say “Mai Ped!” when you order it means “No Spicy” and they will make it without any peppers.  When I first got here I used to cry sometimes because the food was so spicy for me, but after about 4-6 months I got used to it, thai street foodand at this point I have the same tolerance as the average Thai Girl who has been eating spicy her entire life.  Thai Man? That’s another story, those guys can eat so spicy it would blow my brains out.

Some of my favorite Thai Street Food dishes are “Kow Pakh Moo Khai Dow” which is stir fried pork rice with vegetable and a fried egg on the side.  I also love “Ga Pow Guy” which is spicy thai minced chicken with green beans over rice.  Aroi Mak! Sab! Sab!

thai street food

Betagen Fermented Milk Drink

Don’t be afraid of the Thai Street Food Guys, if you are worried about getting an upset stomach or the runs just drink fermented milk from 7/11.  It contains all the enzymes needed to safely digest Thai food.  I’ve actually never had food poisoning from thai food and I eat thai street food 3 meals per day.  I’ve had an upset stomach a few times, but whenever I have had this I go directly to 7/11 to buy a fermented yogurt milk and within 24 hours my digestive system is back to normal.

Don’t Miss Out on This.  Thai Street Food is One of THE BEST parts of living in Thailand and is one of the aspects of the culture I find most charming.

-the bodybuilder in thailand

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