The Kind of Men, Women Spread Their Legs For

The Kind of Men, Women Spread Their Legs For


This took me a long time to learn, but since I finally have my sex life sorted out, I’m going to share some thoughts with you in hopes it can change your lives.

Spread Their LegsFor me having the sex life I desired was never optional.  Acquiring it, was at times, something that could define me.

When women spread their legs and invite you into their pussy it is one of the most fucking awesome experiences in life. LOL

Now a lot of people will try to call me out on that and say I’m a dumbass. Well, fuck you guys.  This is an untold truth.  Most of us, value our dating and sex lives MASSIVELY.  You guys saying “what kind of pathetic life is that!” Are the real losers.  You are going to be 40-50 years old, low testosterone and look back on your life’s history with women and forever regret having only fucked 10 chicks.

Fuck that.

That’s not part of my DNA, and I know there’s a lot of other guys out there that feel the same way as me.

Just think back to high school and college remember how important girls were, remember how much you loved banging pussy?

I refuse to not experience the wonderful part of life that is amazing sexy women.

So I spent years working on it until I knew that, if I wanted to have sex and get a girl, all I had

spread their legs

“Hey Girls What’s Good?”

to do was go out and talk to some and I would get laid.

That was how I defined success in dating and sex.

“Being able to get pussy, when I wanted.”

Now I blow away numbers that used to take me years to attain.  Having sex with 10 girls? I’ve done that in the last 6 weeks.  Whereas before during my college years having that many women spread their legs for me was UNFATHOMABLE.


You have to practice, you have to train goddammit.

I was always what you call a “good looking loser” I’ve always been remarkably handsome but until the last semester of university (but really immediately following graduation) I had always been massively underachieving in my sex life.

I was only having sex with 4-6 girls per year before I really got good at this.

I think that number is about average or maybe a little bit above average (AVERAGE) but I felt

spread their legs

Don’t. Just Don’t

extremely underwhelmed by the struggle I had doing this, as well as feelings of frustration and resentment as I felt that because I was good looking and had a good body that pussy should have been throwing itself at me, yet why were the girls throwing themselves at some of the other douchebag frat guys while leaving me alone to masturbate at night?

The answer is pretty simple.

Women want to feel feminine.  Feeling feminine makes them feel powerful.


What makes women feel feminine?

Being taken and fucked by a dominant male.

This is reality guys.

Myself and all of the other guys I know who gets lots of pussy all say this, and we all know that the first time we fuck a new girl that she wants to have her pussy destroyed.

You’ll notice a woman’s face light up when you look look at her and tell her “mmm I loved beating that pussy up”

When you say something like that they turn all red and start grinning from ear to ear.

spread their legs

…Kill Me

When I really started having success with having sex with lots of women it was because these women knew I was good at fucking before we even fucked.

I didn’t cater to them anymore, I didn’t lean forward to hear them better, I didn’t ask them

what they want to do, I didn’t act like a GIRL. women don’t want to have sex with a man who acts like a girl, especially if they are looking for some no strings attached to satisfy their sexual urges (like before they have their period).

Don’t be that sorry fucker who hangs on every girl’s word in hopes that if he’s nice enough she will spread her legs for him.

Be the winner who sees a girl and says to himself “damn, I want to fuck her.” Followed up by masculine behavior characterized by portraying your dominant maleness.

Don’t abuse women emotionally guys. Love them. Just don’t be a fucking pussy. For the of god.

They won’t like you for it, and you won’t like you for it.

More to come

-the bodybuilder in thailand


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