Trenbolone The Truth

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Trenbolone The Truth

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Hey What’s Up Dude,

Let’s talk about Trenbolone Truth, what this compound really is and what trenbolone effects really do.

“Tren” is relate most closely to Deca-Durabolin aka Nandrolone.


Human Grade Trenbolone Manufactured by Negma France

Trenbolone and Nandrolone are like evil twin sisters.  The muscle building power they give are nearly unmatchable by any other steroids.

Tren and Deca are called 19-Nor Steroids.  This is because Deca is derived from a slight alteration to the testosterone molecule which changes it’s effects significantly.  The chemical name of nandrolone is 19-nor-testosterone.  Trenbolone formed after making a slight alteration to the 19-nor-testosterone molecule.  Tren, is arguably the most powerful steroids in the world.

trenbolone effects

Trenbolone is strong.  You always want to use the Acetate version and not the Enanthate version.


Trenbolone is Goldish Orange in Color and has the Appearance of Honey

If injecting 100mg Tren Ace every other day the user will feel stronger and look more muscular already only 3 days into the cycle.

It fills your muscles out, making them dense and hardening them.  Veins and striations become more apparent in those who under <15% body fat.

Tren Ace peaks in the blood 2 hours after injection and has a rapid onset of effects similar to oral steroids, compare with Dianabol for speed of onset of trenbolone effects.

Strength will start shooting up even if you are not eating in a caloric surplus.

The first week of Trenbolone administration you will have a massive surge in your sex drive and may worry you are out of control and becoming a chronic masturbator.  Do not worry, after a week your sex drive will go back to normal.  Tren is 5x as strong as testosterone mg per mg.


Dorian Yates Loved Tren

Adding 350mg per week tren ace to your cycle is like slamming your body with 1500mg per week test propionate.  After a week your body raises prolactin in response to the tren surge.  This will normalise sex drive.

The gains from trenbolone are the densest hardest, most keepable gains of any steroid.  They’re real muscle fiber tissue and not just a bunch of water and glycogen that you piss out upon discontinuation.

It’s not for no reason that tren has the reputation of a “steroid on steroids” it’s really really strong and you may even feel a bit like superman when you are in the gym lifting.  You may feel “If I put my mind to it, I can lift any weight!”

trenbolone fat burning

Tren has some fat burning effect.  It won’t get you cut though if you just start taking it and don’t


Tren can really make a physique POP!

change anything else.  Basically, the way tren burns fat is because it makes your body such an anabolic environment that like all resources are being devoted to muscle building.  You cheat on you diet one or two days per week? Tren is going to pack those cheat foods into your muscles and none of it will be stored as fat.

You’re hungry for part of the day? Tren will lock all amino acids into muscles and take energy directly from fat cells for fuel.  This principle is what gives Tren the reputation for being a recomposition drug.  It is arguably the only steroid other than Dianabol and maybe high doses of testosterone that will legitimately build muscle fibers while burning fat at the same time.

trenbolone mental side effects

tren makes you more aggressive.  Is it uncontrollable? Like you inject tren and become this


Batshit fuckin’ crazy lol

diabolical villain?  No, of course not.  It’s a slight increase in aggressiveness that feels like a strong desire to compete.  You’ll have to be extra careful to walk away from a fight, even if someone drunk punches you in the face.  Don’t fight.  Also you might get extra heated or frustrated if you drive in traffic during rush hour.  People that claim Tren makes them into criminals were already criminals.  They should not be trying to be bodybuilders and they should absolutely not be using drugs.

Tren vs Alcohol which causes more aggressiveness?

Alcohol by a landslide.

tren prolactin side effects and ancilliaries

When you run Trenbolone it will raise prolactin.  This can make it hard or impossible to have an orgasm and you may not be interested in sex whatsoever or able to get an erection.

get rid of gyno

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Yes those are pretty shitty side effects.

Prolactin is also responsible for development of glandular tissue behind the nipples in the female adolescent.  Elevated prolactin can cause you to grow hard painful sore lumps behind your nipples.  This is referred to as Tren Gyno.

An easy fix is the use of Cabergoline when running trenbolone.

Caber (brand name Dostinex) is a dopamine agonist or anti-prolactin.

If you take 0.5mg cabergoline 3 times per week with tren, you can run up to 1000mg per week of tren without suffering any of the previously mentioned prolactin problems.

I’ve linked the “Cabergoline” image to the right to an online pharmacy i’ve used for years now.  To have generic prescription medications sent to me in the USA legally for personal use. When they have the page during checkout for you to fill in prescription information just leave it blank and they will send your medicine without a prescription.

-the bodybuilder in thailand

P.S. Make Sure You Have Real Tren…

How To Know If Your Steroids Real or Fake



Arnold Schwarzenegger on Trenbolone


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