The Truth About Steroids

The Truth About Steroids Explained

truth about steroids

——-The Popular Steroid “Dbol”

What’s Up Dude,

Steroids, so fucking interesting aren’t they? Society thinks of steroids as superman tablets and spiderman injections but at the same time tell us they are worse than heroine.

“Oh you’re a recovering heroine user? Good For You!”


what are anabolic steroids?

The truth about steroids is they are all derivatives of the male hormone testosterone or actual bio-identical testosterone itself.  

Steroids aren’t some crazy diabolical drug that a scientist made where you can trade in years of

truth about steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Friends Used Lots of Steroids

your life for looking Jacked Up and Swole.

Muscle is built from protein,  Imagine your muscles have a bunch of little hands on the fibers that after training start grabbing all of the protein molecules in your blood to rebuild themselves.

Taking steroids is like adding 2x the amount of little hands to your muscle tissue that are reaching out grabbing protein molecules in your blood and using them to build back up the muscle after training.

The Truth about Steroids is they are plain and simple derivatives of the natural male hormone.

Anabolic Steroids are FAR safer than the female birth control pill, which are also steroids.

Birth Control Pills are Estrogenic/Progestagenic steroids.

truth about steroids

The Female Birth Control Pill – Planet Earth’s Most Widely Used Steroid

It just so happens that SURPRISE estrogenic steroids cause an increase in female characteristics like growing breasts and being nurturing,  while androgenic (male) steroids encourage male characteristics like an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in bodyfat, and a tendency to engage in competitive sports or whatever.

There are female sex steroids, and there are male sex steroids.  Just so happens, men are more muscular than women, and male sex steroids promote an increase in muscle mass.

So now that we know the truth about STEROIDS not being some kind of diabolical drug worse than heroin and methamphetamine we can leave the notions of steroids being a drug that can kill you behind us.

You Don’t Get High From Taking Steroids

These Are Hormones We’re Dealing With.

No One Has Ever Died From Steroids. truth about steroids

Combining steroids with recreational drugs can kill you though.  So don’t do that, it’s stupid.

The main side effects your typical steroid user experiences is some acne and oily skin, some increase in competitiveness (mild), mild blood pressure increase, and having to deal with preventing estrogen build up which causes sore nipples or gyno.

Other than that it’s pretty unusual to have side effects from taking steroids.

They’re just hormones guys, these aren’t manufactured drugs designed to get you high and fuck you up.

The whole anti-steroid shit is so hypocritical for one because it’s no one’s business but the truth about steroidsuser’s and two because usually the assholes spreading lies and demonising it have some kind of personal vendetta against it and then go home and drink alcohol which is 10000x worse for you than anabolic steroids.  Fuckers.

A basic steroid cycle that can get you DAMN BIG is a 3cc shot of Testosterone enanthate in your ass cheek once per week.

That’s it, 750mg of testosterone enanthate once per week.  A man can become ENORMOUS on this alone.

The truth about steroids is there aren’t a lot of side effects.  You take them, you get a lot bigger, you get a lot stronger, you start to look like a “weightlifter” or a “bodybuilder”

Injections are best.

Oral tablets are useful.

Every Pro Athlete on top of his game is using Testosterone, Insulin and HGH.

Sorry to Blow Up Your Fantasy, it’s Just the truth about steroids.

If you are looking for something like steroids to build muscle but can’t find them or they are illegal in your country, check out my article on Ostarine – The Strongest Legal Steroid Alternative in the USA.  It functions in the body the same way steroids like testosterone do and will probably be banned by the FDA soon.

Ostarine Effects – Osta Red Review




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