Weed Bodybuilding – Cannabolics 101

Weed Bodybuilding – Cannabolics 101

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Geez, Do Weed and Bodybuilding Go Together? Will Smokin’ Blunts Fuck With Our Gains?

weed bodybuilding

The King Says Weed is Good

Cannabis has been involved in bodybuilding ever since the Golden Era of Arnold, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva and all the guys who trained at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach in the 1970’s.

The truth is, training while high on marijuana can be very intense.  You can just get so focused on your training as a result of being high that you train like a man on a mission to get jacked.

When I was in university I smoked weed.  I would train high pretty regularly at the University Gym lol.  I’m the type who gets a big smile on his face and starts talking at a million miles per hour when he gets high.  When I trained stoned all my friends at the gym would be like “ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH MOTHER FUCKER???” Lmao.  One dude told me he would get killed if he trained high on the good green leaf.  Honestly though at the time it seemed nice.  The drawback was I was trying to cut at the

weed bodybuilding

The King Says Weed Is Great

time and the mother fuckin’ cannabinoids gave me insane munchies and fucked me up.  Sometimes I would eat a 2 pound tub of greek yogurt post workout to stave off my munchies.

The one negative side effect of weed bodybuilding i’ve experience was getting high as fuck a few times and then my nipples getting sensitive.  Cannabis does cause a bit of an estrogen spike and a few times following over consumption my nipples were definitely affected.

Sleep is one of the most important factors in bodybuilding, and no doubt weed helps you get a great deep sleep.  In California where Medical Marijuana is Legal one of the most famous ways to get a prescription is to go into one of the “Weed Clinics” and tell the doctor you have trouble sleeping, or sometimes he will “Ask if youweed bodybuilding have trouble sleeping” lol.  Followed by a nice 1 year script for as much pharmaceutical grade weed you can buy.  (btw dispensary weed is amazing if you haven’t tried it you need to)

Some bodybuilders who take a lot of steroids like Tren and Anadrol or Sometimes Dbol and Test can find themselves feeling a bit wound up.  As far as “Roid Rage” goes, we all know that’s a fake phenomenon but what actually can happen under high doses of steroids is an increase in irritability.  If you are very irritable you can do lots of stupid things and life is just overall uncomfortable.  Weed can be a godsend for the bodybuilder in this situation.  A lot of guys who use tons of trenbolone (tren freaks haha) take benzodiazepines to deal with the weed bodybuildinganxiety and irritability it gives them.  I’m talking mostly about guys who are shooting 2cc or 3cc’s of Tren Ace each day, which in the real world plenty of people are doing that.  Benzo’s can kill you and fuck you up in a bunch of other ways, it’s best to steer clear of them and smoke some weed or use kratom to diffuse your irritability and anxiety.

Finally, weed bodybuilding works best during a bulk.  It absolutely can stimulate your appetite to massive proportions.  If you go to a buffet high after a workout, not only will you be extra hungry but you will also have the appetite and stomach capacity of a horse.

You tall ass mother fuckers who can’t gain weight should all become pot heads, that way you’ll weed bodybuildinghave no trouble eating 6,000 calories a day and having trouble gaining weight will become a thing of the past.

If you can control your munchies, smoking weed is WAY better than drinking alcohol if you want to go out and party at night.  0 calories baby.

Smoking weed won’t make you gain any less muscle mass, during my smoking phase in university I gained a shit load of muscle mass and I was smoking mostly the whole time haha.

I really don’t see any problem with weed bodybuilding.  Neither did King Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He famously smoked a joint…And Inhaled after winning the 1975 Mr. Olympia Contest

No weed does not affect your gains.

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