What is Blasting and Cruising?

blasting and cruisingWhat is Blasting and Cruising When Taking Steroids?

Blasting and Cruising Refers to alternating between high dosages of steroids and low dosages of steroids.

Blasting and Cruising is done to maintain gains far more effectively than Cycling Steroids.

When you are Blasting and Cruising, You never come off completely.

For example:

Say you run 1000mg testosterone per week with 50mg Winstrol per day for 16 weeks.

That is your blast.

At the end of the 16 weeks you then “cruise” by dropping all compounds except for testosterone and running it at a TRT testosterone replacement therapy dose.

This allows the body to return to optimum health without having to come off completely and hence go through a withdrawal phase, where you aren’t really producing any testosterone for a month or 2.

Obviously it’s not healthy to be taking PCT drugs all the time.

If you are planning on using steroids regularly then, blasting and cruising is the way to go.

The TRT dosage of testosterone will help you hang onto your gains between blasts.

Some people blast nearly all the time and then cruise just long enough to check if their blood work is normal and then begin blasting again.

Others take equal time off of blasting for cruising. For example blasting for 10 weeks followed by cruising for 10 weeks.

Personally, I blast and cruise.

I usually blast for about 2 months and then cruise for 4 weeks.

So basically I do something like

8 weeks of 1000mg testosterone + 175mg deca-durabolin per week

Followed by 4 weeks of just 200mg testosterone per week.

Then I’ll follow that up with another blast.

Basically, everybody who’s really big and or successful with taking steroids and bodybuilding blasts and cruises.

So just putting that out there so you guys have a heads up on what all the big guys do.


-the bodybuilder in thailand

Blasting and Cruising Steroids



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