How To Enjoy Going To The Gym

To the Gym Guys,

It’s innate inside of us to want to be dominant, to be strong, to be proud of ourselves.

Saturday I was in the classroom with 2 of the seven year old students I


The Bodybuilder in Thailand Squatting in a Hardcore Bangkok Gym

tutor once per week.  The boys decided to start drawing their families on the whiteboard.  The first brother drew the other brother smaller than him and labled his brother “Ant”, the second brother let out a blood curdling screech and clawed his twin brother’s face.  To which a miniature brawl ensued.

I was the same way when I was a young boy,  If someone called me a “Little boy” I would go batshit crazy. lol

When I was in high school and had not yet started lifting weights I secretly admired the football players impressive builds, but publicly referred to them as “Douchebags” and “Men with small dicks!”

For the past decade going to the gym and lifting weights has been a pastime I truly love.  It makes me feel good.  It makes me feel strong.

When I go into the gym I’m always excited to exert some effort and use some of my natural aggression on something.  It heals my mind and soothes my body from the stress of life’s more mundane tasks.

It feels good to develop something you are proud of, and something that other people recognise and respect you for.

It feels good to walk along the sidewalk with your girlfriend while she playfully punches your arm pretending to beat you up, all the while admiring your strength and hard work.


Hardcore Bangkok Gym

I like to sweat and I like to exercise.

I like to do guy things.

Electric Guitar, Stuntman Skateboarding, American Football, BBQ’ing Steaks. Testosterone fueled things.

It’s great to step into the gym for an hour each day and exercise, feeling what it’s like to be alive.  Feeling my body strain, knowing I’m meant for doing something more than sitting in front of a computer typing or holding a smartphone in front of my face.

Experience your passions, experience your limits, experience your life.

Love yourself, Love your life

EXPERIENCE human emotions and feelings.

Pain, Pleasure, Anxiousness, Surprise, Happiness, Worry.  All emotions have a place, do not try to escape them, embrace them.

It’s great to be a human being.

Live a Life Worth Seeing


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