Youtube Search Engine Optimization – How To Get More Youtube Views & Subscribers (My Method)

Youtube Search Engine Optimization – SEO

How To Get More Youtube Views & Subscribers

Ever heard tech guys use the term “SEO”? It stands for “Search Engine Optimization” What we are talking about today is how to use Youtube Search Engine Optimization to get your videos ranking high in search results, thereby getting the views you deserve.

I’m pretty good at this and i’m going to discuss the actual methods I use to get my videos ranking high in search results.  If you go on youtube and search “Trenbolone”, “MK 677”, “Ostarine”, “Kratom”, “Dianabol”, “Blackstone Labs Prohormone Review” You are going to see that i’m ranking in the top few results for each of those terms.

How do I do this?

I’m not paying for those Youtube Search result ranking.  They are high up like that because I optimized their Meta Data and built links to them.

Youtube Meta Data

Help youtube know WHY it should rank your video highly by giving it information about your content.

When I upload a video, I first change the file name on my computer to a relevant keyword I want to rank for.  For Example, if I want to rank for the search term “Trenbolone” then i’m going to name the file on my computer that I will be uploading “Trenbolone.mp4”

I will also upload a thumbnail photo file with the same name.  So going with the tren example, the thumbnail I upload would be called “Trenbolone.jpeg”

In the description of the video i’m going to write a small paragraph about the contents of my video, so youtube can analyze it.  Youtube cannot hear you speak.  You must tell youtube what your video is about through writing.  So for tren I would write a small paragraph about what it is, what it does, and what kind of people use it.

For the video title I always put the keyword near the beginning.  I also am going to want to put words into my title that people might combine with “Trenbolone” in order to get a piece of those search results as well.  So since people are going to be searching for effects, experiences, muscle gains, and may also search the nickname “Tren” I would title my video something like, “Trenbolone Effects My Muscle Gain Experiences with Tren”.  This will take advantage of a wide range of potential search queries and will also help me get into the “Related Section” of similarly titled videos by other content creators.

For “Tags” I try to think of what kinds of videos people will be watching who would also be interested in my video.  This way i will have a good chance of being in the “Related Videos” sections and having people click over to mine.  For Trenbolone my tags would be things like “Steroids”, “Dianabol”, “Testosterone”, and “Primobolan”.

Youtube Link Building

Link building is a massive factor in getting your video ranking above other videos when there is competition for a search term.  Say there are 30 videos all competing for the same keyword?  Well, which video has the most links pointing to it?  Social media shares, blogs citing your Video as a source, forums embedding it for discussion, and links from established authority websites on google all supercharge your videos “Oomph!” in youtube search results.  The video with the most links pointing to it is receiving a major boost in the form of “Link Juice”. Every link your video has is acting as a thumbs up from an outside source.  Links to your video are like people raising their hands vouching for the quality and accuracy of your video.

I create a social media account on every platform, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram, linkedin etc. and share my youtube videos on those accounts.  This sends social media “Buzz Signals” to youtube and causes my video to shoot up the search results rankings.

I usually always embed my videos on my website in order to send “Authority” signals to Youtube.  I will also sometimes make a thread for discussion and embed a video on relevant discussion forums in order to further diversify my audience and link profile.

Youtube Search Keywords

If you want your video to rank in youtube search results you need to make sure you are targeting a search term keyword that people are looking for.

Google has an INCREDIBLE tool for helping you find what people are searching for.

Google Keyword Planner – search

There is no way to check what people are searching for on Youtube, but since it is the largest search engine in the world behind Google, you can be sure people are searching similar queries on Youtube as they are on Google.  So using the data available from Google Keyword Planner will be excellent to use for your Youtube videos.

Create an account for the google keyword planner and click “Search For New Keywords”

For this article I want to rank in search results for something having to do with Youtube Search Optimization.  So I typed “Youtube SEO” in the keyword planner.  Below is the results.

youtube search


As you can see “Youtube Search” is receiving 10k-100k searches per month, and the competition for this keyword is low.

Guess what the keyword i’m targeting for this article is?



This is how I find titles, fill in descriptions, put in relevant tags, and get my videos ranking high on youtube.  I also use these same methods to get my articles on ranking in search results on google.

Use this information to optimize your Youtube Search Rankings and drive more traffic, views, and subscribers to your channel.


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