Zach Zeiler Natty or Not? Zhredded

Zach Zeiler Natural Bodybuilder on Steroids?Zach Zeiler Natural

Zach is one of those Youtube celebrities that has to scream in everyone’s face that he is natural.  He goes way way out of his way to talk about his naturalness.  Sorry Brah, but people don’t like being lied to.  If you denied it when asked, then sure say you are natural, nothing wrong with that, it’s no one’s business but yours.


You go completely out of your way to talk about how natural and great you are every chance you can.

Yep, This dude is textbook fake natty.  I really dislike Jason Blaha but he has a video on this subject that is so on point.  Blaha had to have had a moment of divine intervention to create this shit.


“The Zach Zeiler Natural Bodybuilder” has a great story.  If only he didn’t taint it with his lying about steroid use.  zach zeiler natural

So he got cancer and got really really fucked up.

He made an amazing comeback from cancer and became a bodybuilder.

People who look like “Bodybuilders” use steroids, point blank, no exceptions.  sorry. cry it out.

After chemo, Zeiler’s body looked near death, it was so thin he looked like a holocaust victim. Zach Zeiler Natural He needed help getting his weight up and staving off anymore muscle wasting.  In Cancer and AIDS patients low muscular body weight and muscle wasting are major signs of impending death.  That’s why anabolics such as HGH, Testosterone, Anadrol, and Anavar are prescribed to Cancer and AIDS patients regularly. In american medicine this is THE PURPOSE of anabolic steroids.

Zach Zeiler Natural Bodybuilder was obviously prescribed anabolic steroids to deal with his muscle wasting associated with cancer… and he liked it…and he kept on using them.

It’s that simple guys, if you can’t see that Zach Zeiler Natural Bodybuilder is on Steroids I don’t know what to tell you.  This is TEXTBOOK steroids use.Zach Zeiler

Confirmed Gay 4 Pay

Lean as all hell.

Big Round FULL AS FUCK muscles

Cancer survivor that is more muscular than most professional athletes.

Case Closed.


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