Afraid of Needles

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Afraid of needles and steroids

afraid of needles steroidsBoy, how many people have I heard this from.

Everyone seems to want to take steroids but they are afraid of using needles.

First things first,

It’s best to ignore what you hear the shit cunts online on forums say about oral only cycles being a waste of time.

They’re not

Oral only cycles can get you very large.

However, they are more stressful on your body and they don’t seem to pack as much punch as injectables.

I think of orals as accessories to injectables.

Or rather accessories to high dosages of injectable testosterone which is really the bread and butter if taking steroids.

This takes me back to a concept my readers here on are familiar with, which is “igniting testosterone”

This phenomenon of “ignition” refers to the observation that high dosages of injectable testosterone become infintismaly more powerful when small amounts on other steroids are added to the cycle.

For example, experienced steroid users know all too well that adding 300mg Deca-Durabolin to 1000mg per week of testosterone will more or less double the cycles potency.

Whereas we experienced users also know that 300mg Deca-Durabolin Alone isn’t going to do shit in comparison to 1000mg of testosterone alone.

This my friends is the concept of “ignition” and it is why high dosage injectable testosterone use is so important to anabolic steroid cycles and development of the feeling of “I’m on steroids”

Now that you better understand why injectables are important, let’s get back to addressing the fear of needles.

Ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of needles?”

Did you ever play contact sports and get put on your back by a large tackler?

Did you ever skateboard and body slam the concrete?

Did you ever break a bone?

All of these things are 1000’s of times more painful than steroids injections, and if you were man enough to endure them, then you are man enough to take an injection that will help you to reach your goals of what you really want. A big muscular ripped physique.

Don’t be a bitch dude, seriously.

A friend asked me to educate him on steroids and to help him to start using them.

He showed me the testosterone ampoules he had bought at the pharmacy and revealed to me that he was too scared to inject them.

He actually asked me if I could inject them into him for him.

I declined.

I just think it’s a bit gay to do another man’s steroid injections for him, so fuck that.

Anyway, I let him watch me inject some testosterone into myself, so that he could observe the process and see that it wasn’t shit to me.

No sooner had I finished pressing the oil through the syringes plunger than I looked up and saw that with a parkinson’s looking pair of shaky hands and a sudden surge of courage my friend had stuck the inch long needle into his hip and was now pushing the oily testosterone in.

Sometimes it just takes seeing someone else do something that you’re scared of to realize that it’s not really that big of a deal.

I’m not afraid of needles, but I was scared to death of them as a child and would run out of the injection room and hide under the chairs in the lobby when my mom took me to the hospital to get my vaccinations for elementary school.

Yeah I was scared when I injected myself with testosterone for the first time, but I knew it was something that I had to do, and there was no way I was going to let some stupid little pinch of pain stop me, when I had already experienced fantastic amounts of pain during my life, skateboarding, accidentally pouring boiling oil on my hands, having my wrists slit from being pushed into a rose bush, and many other scenarios.

Steroid injections feel like getting your skin pinched really hard between your finger nails for about 2 seconds , then it’s pierced the skin, the pain is over , and you slide the rest of the needle in.

There is no reason to be afraid of needles for the steroid user.

After you’ve done it once, it’s nothing.

You just have to get over doing it for the first time.

I learned how to give myself injections over at by the way

Here’s a little motivation I found on YouTube for you

-the bodybuilder in thailand


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  1. Dave

    INSULIN PINS!!! They are tiny and painless. I believe you got turned onto insulin pins by EnhancedAthlete’s Tony Huge.

    You can use 1ml 28 or 29 guage 1/2 in insulin pins to inject. Granted this only holds 1ml, so you’ll have to get creative with your injections. If you need only 2ml per week, you can pin twice, one needle each. If you need 3ml per week, this will require 3 pins, etc.

    Insulin pins are cheap as dirt.

    Drawing from the vial with 29 guage would take ages. Use a larger syringe, say a 3-10ml with 23-25 guage to draw from vial, remove the plunger from the insulin pin, and fill the insulin syringe FROM THE BACK using the other syringe that you drew with, now replace the plunger without squirting any out of the insulin pin.

    I make 16 of these insulin pins at a time. So I have 8 weeks of injections just ready to grab.


    If you brew your own gear, this can help with using insulin pins. Since you know you can’t be injecting 3cc’s if you need 300mg of compound, you can brew your gear at high dosages. I brew mine at 350mg/ml. So in one insulin pin I can fit 350mg of juice.

    So for 2 injections, I can have a max dosage of 700mg/week. For 3 injections, max dosage of 1050mg/week, etc…

    Alternatively you could inject twice in one day using 2 pins. Since the injections are painless, the insulin pin method is a winner IMO.


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