Andreas Munzer Mr. Shredz – The Skinless Man – Most Shredded Bodybuilder Ever

The Most Shredded Bodybuilder Ever – Andreas Munzer Mr. Shredz – The Skinless Man – Paper Thin Skin 

Most Shredded Bodybuilder Ever

Andreas Munzer Most Shredded Bodybuilder Ever

Wow this guy Andreas Munzer.  An IFBB Pro Bodybuilder during the 90’s.  He is famous for bringing the most peeled, shredded, lean, gaunt, cut up physique with paper thin skin ever witnessed.

Sadly, Andreas’ extreme approach to bodybuilding contest conditioning resulted in his early death in 1996 at age 31. He had acute organ failure and internal hemorrhaging on the flight home from a bodybuilding contest as a result of the extreme drug abuse he had employed during his contest prep. Andreas toxicology report showed massive amounts of several amphetamine compounds in addition to ephedrine, clenbuterol, opiates, and fucked up electrolytes from improper diuretics use which was the principal factor resulting in his heart failure.

Andreas Munzer The Most Shredded Bodybuilder Ever Died For Bodybuilding

But Andreas you are not forgotten,most shredded bodybuilder ever

Because your name will live on, memories of the skinless physique you left us inspire us, and will continue to for eons to come.

What’s actually amazing, is that when Andreas’ possessions were cleaned after he had passed, a bodybuilding journal he had kept was found at his former home.  The bodybuilding journal contained years of daily detailed information on Andreas’ Bodybuilding Diet, Training, and Drugs Use.

most shredded bodybuilder ever

Andreas Munzer’s Glutes


The Drug Protocol and Steroid Cycle The Most Shredded Bodybuilder Ever, Andreas Munzer, Mr. Shredz, used to get peeled as fuck and ultimately caused his untimely expiration is available to the public here on

Here is the infamous “Death Cycle” the last Steroid cycle that Andreas Munzer took before he died:

Weeks 1-10

most shredded bodybuilder ever

Munzer Side Triceps

captagon — scheduled 1 drug in the US, meaning no legitimate medical use – it is an amphetamine-type stimulant

^combined in unspecified dosages daily

Weeks 1-5
500mg daily of test enanthate
152mg daily of parabolan
150mg daily of dianabol
150mg daily of halotestin
20 IU daily of HGH
20 IU daily of Insulin

Weeks 6-8
300mg daily of masteron
152mg daily of parabolanmost shredded bodybuilder ever
250mg daily of winstrol tabs
150mg daily of halotestin
50mg daily of winstrol inj
24 IU daily of HGH

Weeks 9-10
200mg daily of masteron
100mg daily of winny inj
200mg daily of halotestin
400mg daily of winny tabs
24 IU daily of HGH
Insulin daily
IGF-1 daily

Days 1-3 leading up to show
Aldactone and Lasix Diuretics To Purge The Body of Water

—————————————————————————After months of stomach pain, Münzer was admitted to hospital on the morning of March 12. By 7pm, doctors had decided to operate to stop bleeding from his stomach, but shortly afterwards his liver and then kidneys failed. His condition by this point was too severe for a blood transfusion he died on the morning of March 14, aged 31.

The autopsy gave the cause of death as dystrophic multiple-organ-failure.

most shredded bodybuilder ever

Andreas Munzer Body After Autopsy

Some excerpts from the doctors performing the autopsy;

  • An extremely muscular physique, with an almost complete absence of subcutaneous fat
  • Affecting the liver were numerous table-tennis-ball-sized tumors; half the liver consisted simply of a crumbly mass, similar to polystyrene (Styrofoam)
  • Diminutive testes
  • Cardiac hypertrophy (Münzer’s heart weighed 636g; a normal man’s heart usually weighs 300–350g)
  • Münzer’s electrolytes were also completely out of balance, and his potassium levels were extremely high. Traces of about twenty different drugs were found, along with acute toxicity (perhaps caused by a stimulant).most shredded bodybuilder ever

Andreas Munzer was the most shredded bodybuilder ever, hopefully his mark is never surpassed as we have learned from his example that this kind of approach is too extreme for the body to handle.

What Munzer achieved was the limit of the human form.  Although he paid the ultimate price, he was able to become legendary while doing so.  Isn’t that what we all want?

I will always admire Andreas Munzer The Most Shredded Bodybuilder Ever extreme leanness and freaky conditioning.

Do Not Attempt Munzer’s Death Cycle.  I have presented it to you here in order to educate and learn from this man’s experimentation.

most shredded bodybuilder ever

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