Best Legal Steroids Still Available

The Best Legal Steroids Still Available best legal steroids

Many legal steroids like the legendary Superdrol and Methyl-1-Testosterone have been banned, There are still a nice little variety of potent best legal steroids on the market.

The best legal steroids still available to build muscle and burn fat fast are Prohormones and SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators).  Prohormones are chemicals that convert to anabolic steroids inside the body, and SARMS are chemicals similar to steroids that stimulate the same receptors in muscle tissue as steroids do, but without “Technically” being steroids.


There are three potent prohormones still legal that once inside the body quickly turn into powerful legal steroids.  These are 4-DHEA which converts to Testosterone to add muscle bulk.  1-DHEA which converts to the Hardening steroid 1-Testosterone to improve athletic performance and get a hard dry shredded look, and 19-NOR-DHEA which converts to the steroid “Deca” and is somewhere between 4-DHEA and 1-DHEA in it’s effects.


If you’re looking to raise your testosterone levels, this is a product that will actually do that.  It’s not a ‘test-booster’, you are actually ingesting a steroid hormone that is then converting to real biologically active testosterone by your digestive system.

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1-DHEA is a Prohormone that converts to the potent Anabolic Steroid 1-Testosterone once inside your body.  1-Testosterone gives your physique a hard, dry, and shredded appearance, makes your shoulders “Pop” with a 3-D bowling ball effect and makes you strong as shit.

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19-NOR-DHEA is a Prohormone to the Legendary Anabolic Steroid “Deca-Durabolin” which is referred to chemically as Nandrolone.  Nandrolone has a reputation for building quality strength and mass.  It was a favorite steroid of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  19-NOR-DHEA will produce lean muscle gains with very little side effects.

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Ostarine is the best legal steroids alternative.  It is not a steroid or a prohormone. Ostarine is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that acts similarly to testosterone in the body, without negative side effects.  SARMS communicate with the androgen receptor in muscle tissue the same way that steroids like testosterone do.  SARMS are a class of supplements that will soon become prescription drugs.  They are currently legal based on what is believed to be a loophole.

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Best Legal Steroids Conclusion legal-steroids

The 4 legal steroids substances mentioned in this article I have personally used.  They are the most powerful legal substances on the market for building muscle.

If you are looking for a best legal steroids alternative I would recommend going for the Ostarine SARM.  However, Using one of the DHEA products will be an incredible muscle gaining experience as you will have real anabolic steroids in your bloodstream from using them.  The DHEA products are the best legal steroids still available.

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5 thoughts on “Best Legal Steroids Still Available

  1. juliuzz

    good review brah!, just 2 questions…
    1- what are the side-effects?
    2-do you ”crash” when you stop using them like losing gains really quickly?

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      check out the link to the full articles on each hormone for the side effects. There isn’t a “crash” but you’ll probably experience a week or 2 after you stop of feeling a bit off. you can use them for 8-12 weeks without a break though.

  2. Satch

    Hey Dude.
    Love your site / blog. I’m a cdn living in bkk. I’m going to find some gear for my very first cycle but don’t have the nerve to pin myself. Any suggestions on how I can get that nasty part delt with? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.


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