Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE Reviews

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE Reviews brutal 4ce reviews

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE is a Prohormone to the Anabolic Steroid Testosterone.

Testosterone is the steroid hormone that men produce naturally.  I am on TRT testosterone replacement therapy and have an injection of testosterone weekly.  I can ASSURE YOU the muscle gain, aggression, and fat loss effects of testosterone are REAL.

You guys may be wondering why i’m doing all these Blackstone Labs Prohormone Articles.  The reason is because they can all work together and you can stack them.  When stacked, they have synergy together and become extra powerful, creating a 1+1=3 scenario.  I want to arm you guys with enough information to be able to do this.

brutal 4ce reviews

Brutal 4CE is sometimes referred to as 4-Andro or 4-DHEA.  Brutal 4CE converts into testosterone inside your body via a 2-step process.

The active prohormone in Brutal 4CE is called 4-Dehydroepiandrosterone or ‘4-DHEA’ for short.  Once, inside the body 4-DHEA is converted to 4-Androstenedione which is then converted to Testosterone.

If you’re looking to raise your testosterone levels, this is a product that will actually do that.  It’s not a ‘test-booster’, you are actually ingesting a steroid hormone that is then converting to real biologically active testosterone by your digestive system.

Brutal 4CE Side Effects

Testosterone can convert to estrogen via an enzyme made in the bodies fat cells called brutal 4ce reviews‘Aromatase’.  Since upon entering your body 4-Andro becomes Testosterone, you need to be aware of this.

Elevated estrogen can cause gyno (bitch tits), as well as water retention.  While it does not cause these effects in everyone, it does cause them in some people.  Click Here To Read More About Preventing Gyno.

You shouldn’t get much estrogen conversion from 4-Andro though, Brutal 4CE Reviews show the conversion is pretty mild.

Brutal 4CE will effect your natural testosterone production while taking it.  This happens brutal 4CEbecause by ingesting 4-Andro you are literally putting testosterone into your body from an outside source.  Your body senses the incoming testosterone and tries to maintain homeostasis by suppression of natural testosterone production.  When you come off of 4-Andro, your body resumes normal production of natural testosterone.

It’s a good idea to take PCT (post cycle therapy) after you are done with Brutal 4CE in order to get your natural testosterone firing at full force again as quickly as possible.  This will help you maintain the gains you made on cycle.

4-Andro is not 17-alpha-alkylated and therefore does not harm the liver.

Brutal 4CE Cycle Dosage

You want to start out taking the maximum recommended dosage. Prohormones are mild bybrutal 4ce reviews nature and you want to take a lot of them so you get as much of the active steroid hormones in your blood as possible.  The more of Brutal 4CE that you take, the more testosterone steroids you will have in your blood.

Start with 130mg 2 capsules per day.  If you feel you need to increase the dosage, you will have more gains in muscle and strength but you will also potentially have more chance of side effects.

Brutal 4CE Reviews show a dose dependent response in muscle gains.  Like with all steroids and prohormones, the more you take the more you gain.

Stacking Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE

This is where Brutal 4CE really gets interesting.  Traditionally, anabolic steroid users use testosterone as the base of their cycle and then use other steroids like Deca, Trenbolone, and Dbol to stack on top of it.  brutal 4ce reviews

Since Brutal 4CE is essentially Testosterone, you can stack this shit with other prohormones and get really really good effects.

For example stacking Brutal 4CE with Blackstone Labs Abnormal Prohormone is like taking a prohormone version of the classic Test and Deca anabolic steroid cycle.  A staple for all the big guys taking steroids.  This is a great cycle for putting on maximum muscle mass and blowing up huge.

If you are looking to harden up and get shredded and dry then stacking Brutal 4CE with the       1-Testosterone Prohormone Chosen1 is the go to.  1-Testosterone is a DHT derivative with androgenic and hardening properties, good for promoting a hard ripped look in the muscle similar to the effect Winstrol gives.

Good Luck,

-the bodybuilder in thailand

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE Reviews

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  1. Phil

    Hey, Dan!
    If i’m taking 2 caps a day of this product(130mg), how much do you think will I absorb out of this and what would be the equivalent of this to a tesosterone enanthate cycle? On their site, they state that it has has almost 99% of bioavailability which is highly doubtful as it would be almost a gram per week of total testosterone. I want to know your opinion on this. Would it be(on average; I know it will vary from person) 300mgs? 200mgs? Thanks


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