Bodybuilding Pocket Change Guide – My Directions To Prove YOU Can Make Money Online Right Now

Bodybuilding Pocket Change Guide – My Directions To Prove YOU Can Make Money Online Right Now

I’m going to show you guys a step by step method right now to make money on the internet.  A dream for most people, but what will soon be a reality for you.

make money online

amazon associate signup page

We are going to be using the Associates Program to sell a product of your choice on amazon’s website.  This program gives you a 4-10% commission on sales referred by you.  It’s not the most glamorous rate but the point of this exercise is that if you follow my directions YOU WILL make money online and it will prove to you that it is possible, you can do it, and it will start to open your mind to the real possibility that you don’t need to be a part of the rat race if you don’t want to be.

Okay so go ahead and click over right now and sign up for a free account with the amazon associates program so we can get started.

So now that you have signed up for the associates program you can select a product of your choice on amazon, recommend it and get a cut of the sale price.  This is called Affiliate Marketing, advertising or selling someone else’s product for a commision of the sale.  This allows you to have an “online store” where you sell stuff without having to ever keep a physical inventory or stock.  We now have the ability to skip startup costs, skip creating a product, and skip storing/shipping it.  This allows us to get a little business going with almost no initial investment and significantly lowers the barrier to entry of going into business for yourself/becoming your own boss.

Selecting a Product to Market

Okay, so since i guarunteed that you would be able to make some pocket change if you follow this guide I am going to lay out the plan.

You are going to look around on Amazon and find a bodybuilding supplement that you have already used (important) and know works.  Pick one you know is quality via your experiences with it.  It can be a preworkout drink, a favorite protein powder flavor, a prohormone, etc.  just make sure you pick something you believe in and that you have actually taken/have experience with.  (This is important because when it comes to making money on the internet you are nothing more than your reputation.  If you cannot establish trust and a relationship with the people viewing your content you’d might as well just forget trying,  Remember how fast word spreads on the internet. Be honest and you will be rewarded.)

I’m going to now go to the Homepage and search for a product I used in order to get an affiliate link from amazon, so I can sell it.  I’m going to look for ON Standard Creatine capsules.  This is something that I have bought many times, I know it works, and the capsules make it easy to use because I don’t have to taste the bitter shitty creatine taste.make money online

In the upper left corner click “Text Link” and then copy the “Short Link”.  If someone clicks on this link and buys something, you get paid.  This comes at no cost to the buyer.  Your fee comes out of Amazon’s pocket.

Don’t pick the same product I choose unless you have actually used it.  Seriously, it’s important that you have used and believe in the product you choose to recommend or else this whole thing is not going to work.

Now you are going to make a youtube channel and a video review of the product.  It’s important in the video review that you do not tell people to buy the product.  People are smart enough to make their own decisions and they don’t need you telling them what to do.  Just talk about the product and what your experience with using it was.  Talk about positives, negatives, side effects.  Speak to the camera the same way as if a friend asked you about the supplement and you gave them an opinion.  The people who will watch your video will have searched for this product on their web browser and are looking for someone who has used it to tell about their experiences.  This is one of the reasons why it is so important to have used the product you review and to believe in that product.  At the end of the video mention that you have placed a link in the video description to where they can find it on Amazon.

When you upload your video to youtube make sure you follow the directions I outline in my following Youtube SEO video to make sure your video gets good traffic and positioning in search results.

Okay now create facebook and twitter pages for your video.  For my facebook and twitter pages I will name them something like “Creatine Review” and then post the link to my video on them.make money online

This will help your video appear more often in “Recommended Videos” and higher up in search results.

Here is my creatine review facebook page.  Do the same thing with a twitter account.

Share the social media pages on your feed and ask your friends to “like” them.  This gives them some buzz and google/youtube notices that.

Okay, now you are finished.  If you followed my directions a couple people will watch your video and click over to to buy it in the next few weeks.  You’ve taken your first step to making your own money online and telling your boss to go fuck himself.  Congrats bro.

If you do this with a lot of products and you have popular videos, these commissions start adding up FAST and the best part of it is you have videos of yourself selling things to people, making you money while you eat, sleep, shit, and fuck.  How awesome is that?

Your stuff doesn’t have to be about bodybuilding either, it can be about anything you have experience and skill with.  Whether that is tennis, golf, books you have enjoyed, clothes that look great, sex toys etc. lol

The next step is starting a website which will take your ability to make your videos perform well in search results to an entirely new level. (not to mention appearing and taking advantage of traffic on google, the largest search engine in the world)

You can Read about that here –

How to Start a Fitness Blog in 20 Minutes That Will Make You Money

-peace bro



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