Bodybuilding Research Chemicals are Bunk Use Pharm Grade

Bodybuilding Research Chemicals are Garbage Use Pharm Grade + My Source

bodybuilding research chemicals

Box Full O’ Shit!

Hey What’s Up Dude,

Bodybuilding Research Chemicals are super popular in the USA.  The reality of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the USA is there is a major shortage of pharmaceutical grade steroids. Everyone is using UGL Bathtub Grade Certified Gear Lmao.

Having seen bloodwork from UGL Steroid users online, it’s easy to see some UGL’s are legit, but what about their ancilliaries and PCT?  Most of the time people are buying their “research chemicals” Fat Burning Agents like Clenbuterol, T3, Tamoxifen, and Anti-Estrogens like Exemestane, Arimidex, and Clomid as well as my favorite boner pills Cialis/Viagra from these Bathtub bodybuilding research chemical companies based in the USA.

The appeal? It’s cheap and it’s USA based, shipping take like 3-5 days to your door after payment.

But at what cost?

Do you wanna know where these guys running research chemical companies are getting their Raw Ingredients?

Mostly check this out lol.

A Quick Search For “Tamoxifen” on Alibaba


These dudes running research chemical companies have sometimes been revealed to be 22

bodybuilding research chemicals

Fuck This Shit

year old kids who know how to use the internet to order some powders over Alibaba from China, Receive them, Pour them into little glass bottles filled with alcohol, slap a label on them and start making 100’s of Thousands of Dollars.

Hey i’m not knocking it, there is demand, and it’s a fantastic business strategy.  More power to them.  I just think ingesting that shit is foolish if you have an alternative.  It’s obviously dirty as fuck “Sterilised by the alcohol it is suspended in” and half the time the shit is bunk!

A lot of people are not aware, but there is nothing illegal about importing personal supplies of bodybuilding research chemicalsprescription medications into the United States.  In fact when I order my Pharm Grade ancilliaries from the online pharmacy I use, on the shipping box it has a customs declaration stating “Personal Supply Medication.” I Use exclusively Pharm Grade Ancilliaries, AI, Cialis, PCT.  From an Online Pharmacy in India that is Government Licensed there. 

Are You Aware?

Pharma Grade Ancilliaries take a little longer to ship but are about the same $ price $ as USA Bodybuilding Research Chemicals.

It is SO MUCH more comfortable and satisfying to take real 100% legitimate pharmaceutical grade medications out of the box and use them with confidence to move towards your ultimate bodybuilding goals.  Knowing with 100% certainty you are taking exactly what you hope you are.

Anyway, If you give a fuck

This Is The Online Pharmacy I Order My Shit From ReliableRX

When You Search For What You Need On Their Website, Make Sure to Search The Chemical Name, Not The Brand Name.  For Example If You Are Looking For Arimidex Search the Keyword “Anastrazole” Instead of Arimidex.

I’m giving you my source because I don’t give a fuck.  So go ahead and use it and get some pharm grade stuff for the same price as your bodybuilding research chemical bath tub shit.

In this post I recommend an Overseas Pharmacy I use that ships Legitimate Human Pharmaceutical Grade Medications to the USA.  ReliableRX Online Pharmacy, Shipping takes about 7-10 days to the United States.  This is a pharmacy located in India that ships generic and name brand prescription medications around the world without a prescription.  They’re licensed and inspected by the Government of India and are a totally reputable company.  I’ve used them time after time to have Personal Supply Prescription Medications Shipped to me in the United States.

ReliableRx Online Pharmacy  <—- Click The Link To Go There

Go Pharma Grade, Bodybuilding Research Chemicals Suck

How To Know If Your Steroids Real or Fake





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