Are Steroids Legal in Thailand

Can You Buy Steroids Legally OTC in Thailand. Are Steroids Legal in Thailandsteroids legal in thailand

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What’s Up Dude,

So you want to know are Steroids Legal in Thailand?

The answer is yes.  They are.  They are incredibly easy to obtain.  There are hormone replacement therapy clinics all over the place for Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, Insulin, HGH, Anavar, and Winstrol.

steroids legal in thailand

Test Prop by March Pharmaceuticals

Many of the local pharmacies in Thailand sell anabolic steroids OTC without a prescription.

Testosterone, Nandrolone, and Proviron are available at pretty much any Thai pharmacy.

For example if you were on Sukhumvit street in Bangkok around Nana Plaza, you can buy steroids legal in Thailand easier than buying a loaf of bread. (Asians prefer rice).

If you just walk in and say “Anabolic?” they will either say yes and start eagerly showing you what they have, or they will put their hands up in front of themselves in an “X” and say “no! no! no!” LMAO it’s pretty bipolar.

Thailand has several human pharmaceutical companies that manufacture anabolic steroids as

steroids legal in thailand

March Pharmaceuticals Bangkok Office

well as other cosmetics.  It’s funny because the same companies producing steroids are also producing the facial soap you use at night. lol.

March Pharmaceuticals is a Top Rate Thai Pharmaceutical Company that manufactures steroids.  It is one of the best brands.  They are responsible for production of “Testolic” (test prop) and “Cypionax” (test cyp) both extremely high quality products.

Next up is the legendary “British Dispensary” brand of Thailand Steroids.

steroids legal in thailand

British Dispensary Office in Bangkok Thailand

British Dispensary also manufactures their anabolics in Bangkok.  They are responsible for legendary products like “Thai Pinks” Anabols.  Thai Anabols are pink Hexagonal 5mg tablets of methandrostenolone.  These things are literally like superman pills and dirt cheap.  1000 tablets at 5mg will cost you around $40-$60 USD.  There is also a 10mg yellow tablet version available.  Thai Anabol Tablets are so strong that taking 50mg-100mg is like high dose Trenbolone. I’m not shitting you.  Thai Anabols make you massive, make you strong, make you vascular, and make you leaner at the same time.  I’m thinking these must be exactly the same as the original Ciba Dbols that Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Golden Era guys used.

steroids legal in thailand

Thai Androlic 50mg Oxymethelone Tablets

British Dispensary also manufactures Anadrol (Oxymethelone).  Thai Androlic which is the British Dispensary Brand of Anadrol, is one of the best oxymethelone products in the world.  Very high quality and does everything Anadrol should.  You will be sure of it’s authenticity a week after beginning taking it.

Winstrol is made by British Dispensary and called Azolol.  Thai Winstrol is good.  Stanozolol is one of the best performance enhancing drugs for sports and a lot of the fighters here use it.

British Dispensary is very popular.  It’s not uncommon to walk into a pharmacy and see Thai Anabol, Androlic, and Azolol, behind the counter.

steroids legal in thailand

Trenbolone Acetate by Alpha Pharma

For stuff like Tren, Primobolan, Equipoise, Superdrol and other specialty products there are several reputable UGL’s here that produce them.

The Most Popular Reputable UGL’s in Thailand are Meditech, Alpha Pharma and Thaiger.

All these Thailand UGL produce high quality trenbolone, primobolan, anavar, whatever you need.  They produce everything.  Steroids are cheap in Thailand too.  10 Ampoules of Human Grade  Testosterone Cypionate at 200mg/ml is only about $25 USD.

gym culture and steroids in thailand

steroids legal in thailand

Meditech HGH

There are two types of gyms in Thailand.  One that is Dorian Yates Hardcore Bodybuilding style, and the other a meet up spot for homosexuals.

Weird I know.

Everyone who goes to the gym here uses steroids.  I know that’s a bit strange sounding but my estimate is 75% of men in the gym use steroids legal in Thailand.

The average man in the gym here is WAY more muscular than in the USA.  There aren’t a lot of Thai People who go to the gym.  The general population is skinny, but the people who go to the gym here are way bigger than in America.

It makes sense you know, it’s cheap and they want gains.

Steroids Legal in Thailand are discussed openly, it’s not like some kind of hush hush thing, It’s really

steroids legal in thailand

Common Brand in Pharmacies “Unigen”

common to discuss steroids and performance enhancing drugs here.  Steroids in Thailand are discussed the same way people in the USA talk about Creatine and protein powder.  It’s normal here.  I’ve had some european guys come up and introduce themselves to me explaining that they were here on steroid vacations to do a testosterone cycle and ask for advice about gyms and hostels.

Also they do a lot of plastic surgery in Thailand.  The culture supports artificially changing your face or body in order to enhance it.

Thai’s are really cool people and very open minded about steroids.

I can help you with locations and directions of pharmacies where you will find

legit high quality bodybuilding products in Bangkok.

I charge everyone the same $20usd PayPal for this service.

send email to to inquire more 


-the bodybuilder in thailand

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21 thoughts on “Are Steroids Legal in Thailand

  1. Wicked

    Hey bro,

    Could you clarify the situation on the blue heart dbols? Who is exactly manufacturing them? Is it March Pharmaceuticals or Body Research or both? And how do you know which one is legit?

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      hey bro,

      march pharmaceuticals sells them and manufactures them for the thai market. body research has a contract with march, march produces the dbol and sends the tablets to body research for packaging and sale to the foreign market.

      all the blue hearts are made by march.

      blue hearts intended for the foreign market (not to be sold in thailand) are distributed by body research.
      recently my friend ran body research dbol lol and he absolutely exploded. he went from dyel to bodybuilder looking. thai dbol is so strong its insane, its as strong as trenbolone. unbelievabley, everyone here who takes it gets leaner while getting jacked.

  2. Anon

    Is Testosterone made by western companies like Bayer available too? What about HCG?

    I’ll be in Thailand for the next year or so on an EDU visa and was just wondering…

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      Hey rory, SARMS are not produced in Thailand so they need to be imported. Red supplements was sending their sarms to Thailand for 20$ shipping , but since the fda has put heat on them forcing them to cease selling sarms, they no longer provide this service.

      Try this link for international SARMS orders:

  3. Rory

    Is it illegal to have SARMS shipped to Thailand.

    On an offshoot,where do you recommend I can get advice on choosing
    which steroids to take in Thailand. I live here if you remember.

  4. Paul Furlonger

    hey mate ,

    Im off to Bangkok sukhumvit next week , where is the best spot to buy the Thai Pink Anabols.
    Also any good advice on taking anything to pretect the liver before oral steriods?

  5. Mike

    Hi bro
    I want to buy anabol 5mg of btitish dispensary. A lot of people said they stopped his production of anabol 5mg in 2010. So today is fake?

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      not fake, it’s made by a liscensed thai pharma company called “british dispensary” that makes a bunch of cosmetics you can buy in 7/11 here. their production facility is here in bangkok. I’ve used the 5mg pink anabols and they’re are mg per mg as strong as tren ace. insane.

  6. C- dawg

    Hey, BBIT, I’m on my way to bangkok and want to pick up some somatrop by meditech. Can you point me in the right direction? I’ve used a kit before in the past and it worked out pretty well. Also, im.imterested in anavar or winstrol and could use some tips, injectable preferred, but tablets acceptable. Any help is most appreciated, C-dawg

  7. Douche

    what about IGF-1 Lr3 ? any of these bkk pharmacies have this ? I know its mostly produced in china, so it would most likely be imported from there. but any tips or advice on that would be great.. also if anyone know any pharmacy near Central Plaza / Cheang wattana / Don Muang Area…. Interested in some Test , dbol , IGF-1

  8. Paul Edwards

    Hi I visit Pattaya and Thailand several times a year.I’m here now and get most of my gear from a pharmacy on 2nd road.I find the prices quite expensive.Munster primobolan is 2700 baht.Schering testoviron 3800 baht for 20 amps.Any cheaper places you know of.I usually spend about 1000 English pounds on gear every trip but get offered nearly zero discount.


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