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Chris Jones Steroids PumpChasers and Physiques of Greatness – Beast Mode Son!

Chris Jones has got a great thing going on youtube.  He does a fantastic job of not only showing

Chris Jones Steroids

Chris Jones Transformation

great informative bodybuilding content but also adds distinct flavor and personality to his videos.  He has this Coocky smile that never goes away and you know the guy has got a great attitude, he’s just a positive person who enjoys doing his thing. I love His Physiques of Greatness Intro <3, shit makes you wanna get up and fist pump/dance like a white boy.

Dude’s physique is OUT OF THIS WORLD, and while he claims natural I don’t believe that for a second.  This PumpChasers Chris Jones Steroids brah at least doesn’t talk about how morally superior NATURAL BODYBUILDING is all the time lol.  I think how he got involved with the natty bodybuilding scene was probably when it was exploding in popularity and Matt “Bogus” Ogus had everyone on the internet thinking MACROS work like steroids lol.  At that point natural

Chris Jones Steroids

Chris Jones Steroids

bodybuilding had so much hype behind it on the internet that I can see how someone like Jones would feel compelled to start saying they are natural bodybuilding.

The truth is that Chris Jones Pumpchasers is anything but natural lol. Actually lately he has been looking like he made another significant jump in his overall look and development.  Here he is hitting a back double biceps next to Marc Lobliner, a confirmed Steroid HGH and Insulin user, PumpChasers Jones is actually beating Lobliner in this pose.

chris jones steroids

a second look at jones and lobliner

Here is a second photo of Chris Jones posing next to Marc Lobliner.  While Lobliner is showing superior hardness and muscular development from the front, in no way is Chris Jones being dwarfed by this steroid monster.  In fact Jones looks massive standing next to him.  If you still need to be questioning and being a bitch about whether or not he’s a Full Natty BRAHH then you need to go get your head checked out, the psychiatrist is going to have to go ahead and pull it out of your ass.  Nonetheless Chris Jones Steroids PumpChasers gives excellent bodybuilding instruction, coaching, and advice, and people who are not using hormonal assistance should not shy away from his channel or services.  He’s a true hustler who lives the bodybuilding lifestyle, is funny as shit, and hustles his ass off building company after company from scratch and turning it into massive success.  The guy knows what’s cool and he knows how to entertain people, which has resulted in an absolutely massive audience of loyal fans eager to eat up his next video.

Upset at a “Hippie Mother Fucker” (one of the many names black people call average white people lol) for pointing at him in the gym and telling his friend “Steroids” LMFAO

It’s actually pretty normal for people who use sex steroids to feel offended when “Naturals” write off their hard work as “Steroids”.  It’s complete insecurity and self loathing when non-juiced gym goers exhibit this behavior.  The person on steroids works the same hard as the person not on steroids (the person using some juice probably works harder, as bodybuilding is a more serious commitment and part of their lifestyle) but the person using some juice gets the gains the non-juicer desires, while the non-juicer masturbates to Zyzz photos at night lol.

Chris Jones Steroids

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  1. Mike

    Just because you juice doesn’t mean you will automatically look a certain way otherwise everybody would be looking like IFBB pros. Genetics plays a huge part in physique. Marc Has shitty genetics, big chest with small arms in comparison. His calves also suck and legs aren’t the biggest. Chris Jones on the other hand has better all around proportion but not as aesthetic. He only looks really good when he cuts but can only seem to maintain that for a month or so. Otherwise he looks carbed up and bloated.


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