David Laid Natural or on Steroids

David Laid Natural or on SteroidsDavid Laid Natural

This guy is such a fucking twat.  Preaching this natural shit. Don’t Get Me Wrong, dude’s aesthetic as fuck, that’s a crazy pussy smashing body.  Highly Effective.

This guy was brought to my attention when my Youtube feed kept recommending the fuck out of him and I noticed the usual Youtube NATTY mother fucker (Thanks Blaha) douchebaggery.

The thing that tipped me over the edge and inspired me to write this article was what a fucking

david laid natural

“Please Fuck Me”

punchable face this kid has.  Dude looks like a twat.

If there were 3 people who I could punch in the face due to their punchability it would be Zach Zeiler, Justin Beiber, and David Laid in no particular order.

These dude’s have that queerbait injured facial expression that just screams for some big burly gay dude to come and fuck them in the


This “Laid” guy has a good physique to claim natty too.  Small waist, Delts popping but not TOO

david laid natural

Laid’s GymShark Buddies

Popping, Abs, Does G4P, he’s the full package LMAO.

First red flag, GYMSHARK, everyone knows everyone on gym shark including Matt Bogus and Jeff Seid are heavy Steroids users.

Including Lex Fitness

This is the fake natty test guys,

  1. Does The Muscle Look Bulky?
  2. Are They Lean as Fuck?
  3. Do They Look Incredible

There, that’s it lol.  If you answer yes to all 3 questions at the same time you are a fake natural bodybuilder. You can answer yes to any 2 of the three simultaneously and still be natty.  But if you can answer yes to all 3 at the same time… that’s not natty.

david laid natural

—Lean Bulky Muscle ^

David Laid Natural or Steroids reminds me of Jeff Seid When He Was Coming Up.

Jeff looked basically just like David back then, and everybody said Jeff was natural because he was small enough.

Guess what bitches! Lance Armstrong took steroids! it has nothing to do with muscle size, it’s all about the “look”… the 3d effect that steroids like Trenbolone give.  I wouldn’t expect phaggots who have been lifting for a couple years to have any kind of eye for this shit or knowledge on the subject anyways.

This is satire by the way. I dont’ actually want to punch anybody. and I don’t want to roid rage 😉


2 thoughts on “David Laid Natural or on Steroids

  1. Tinos

    He just looks big because of angels and lightning. I can make myself look bigger than him in some occasions. But yeah I do believe he does take roids as with his body that would take years and maybe even never. But give him some kred. He has inspired alone a lot of people and talks real shit.

  2. Fred

    Phonies don’t inspire anyone. They give people false expectations and that is a dangerous thing. No judgement on juicing, but they should be upfront about it.


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