Thailand Story #1: Destination Bangkok

Thailand Story #1: Destination Bangkokthailand stories

Flying out of America I knew I was going towards a place where I could find greater happiness.

The feeling of relief overwhelmed me as I lifted off from the San Francisco airport on the Boeing 747 and and left the land mass I’d always called home. Looking down all I could see was blue. Blue water that signified my escape from a society I knew i didn’t belong in. a society I no longer desired to be a part of.

Before takeoff I had taken a large dose of Kratom to calm my nerves for the 24 hour flight, as I sat crammed against my window seat, I focused on the warm waves of relaxation I felt running through my body from the Kratom and quickly drifted off to sleep.

About four hours later I woke up. Still 20 more hours to go. I got up from my seat to take a whizz and noticed most of the planes passengers were Chinese.

When I got back to my seat I tried to say hi and make small talk with the Chinese man but he just stared through me ignoring me with his blank stare.  I thought he must not be bilingual, so I asked slowly, “do you speak english” he then turned to me and made direct eye contact and said “Yes I speak perfect english” lol. Guess he just wanted to be left alone.1462517919724

Soon the cute Chinese flight attendant came by to offer us drinks.

My flight first connected to taipai China and then I would switch planes and head to Bangkok on a different aircraft.

I had never experienced hospitality on an airline like the Chinese give. All the flight attendant were beautiful. It was amazing. I thought to myself “wow I could get used to this” she brought me a ginger ale and I sipped on it for the next 20 minutes.

I could still feel the Kratom which was pleasant. I get restless as fuck sitting in a tight confined space for long periods of time. Add to that being a bodybuilder and constantly feeling squished in normal people seats.

I turned on the TV and started watching Austin Powers. Ya baby, always been a favorite movie of mine ever since I was about 14 and saw alotta faginas tits float up in the hot tub.

Hours passed and I ate 2 or 3 meals provided again by the cute flight attendants.

Suddenly I started getting a burning behind my eyes. Jesus christ, for the first time in my life I was experiencing a migraine.  It was the first time I’d been 30000 feet above sea level and suddenly I was just closing my eyes thinking “FUCKKK” it was right at this moment that my nose started bleeding profusely. For the love of fucking god. I got up and walked down the aisle to the lavatory while holding my nose with blood all over my face. I fiddled around with my nose but I could not get the fucker to stop bleeding. It was pouring out blood and things just kept getting worse and worse. I was having some kind of bad reaction to the altitude.

Finally I had to just stick a bunch of tp up my nose and return to my seat with another wad to change the makeshift blood dam I had made.  Every 20 minutes or so I had to stuff new tissue up my nose on account of the last one being soaked with blood.  Finally after about another hour it stopped. Fuck I wasn’t expecting that. after making it across the Pacific we flew south and over Japan towards china. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Japan looked flying over it on the night skyline.  It was misty and there was so much tropical foliage I had never seen anything like it.  I actually couldn’t take my eyes anything way from my little window, Japan was this long thin island speckled with golden lights and with hills and greenery holding my fascination.  I’ve always been a fan of Japanese gardens and architecture. I thought to myself “this is asia, I’m in Asia now, this is where I want to be!”

After 19 hours we landed in taipei china. Wow my first time on the Asian continent. It felt cool walking off the aircraft and into the Taipei airport. Everyone was chinese! Haha I was the only white guy. And I was extra big in comparison to these people. I walked along the airport corridor and nearly every single person had a wtf look on their face lol.

As I was walking I noticed a Few cute Chinese girls just staring at me. They looked at me as if I was a unicorn. Haha. I looked back at them and smiled and they giggled and smiled back. I had the feeling they had never seen a white man in real life before.  The way they were looking at me was the way that you look at something like the golden gate bridge or the grand canyon, where you’ve always known it exists but you can’t believe it’s real when you finally see it in person with your own eyes.

I boarded my flight to Thailand and waited to take off. Jesus I’m almost there now. Only a short 3 hour flight and I’ll be at my destination, bangkok.

as we took off on the final leg of the journey I started to feel some butterflys. I’d never been to Thailand before let alone Asia or another continent.  I texted this sexy little Thai fox I’d met on the Thai dating website thaifriendly a couple of weeks ago.  Although I was arriving at 3am bangkok time, she had taken the following day off work and was going to be waiting for me at the airport to pick me up and drive me to the hotel I’d booked online.  I assumed she’d be staying the night lol.  Mena assured me she’d be waiting there when I arrived.

…touching down in Bangkok I was excited as hell. I was tired as duck from my journey but I just couldn’t believe I was here in bangkok thailand. “Fuck yes!” I thought.

I got my baggage and walked through the airport corridor. There she was, I spotted mena. She had chuck Taylor’s bootie length Jean shorts and beats headphones on. She was dancing a little bit while she listened to her music and waited for me. “Holy shit” this girl was beautiful as fuck, and damn sexy.  Lshe had this smooth dark creamy skin and this lean toned body. Goddamm all of a sudden I was wide awake.

I walked up to her and said “hi mena” she turned to me oblivious of my presence because of her headphones and smiled, immediately becoming shy. She could barely speak english. She had this sweet smile though and after a brief introduction we went to her car.

On the way to the hotel I was looking out at the streets and architecture. It looked run down. And much different than america. The roads were huge and wide and there didn’t seem to be any traffic rules. Go whatever speed you want and get from point a to point b. Semi trucks observing this Thai tradition forced us to hit the breaks several times pretty hard on the highway in order to save our lives lol. The first thing I noticed was 7-Eleven EVERYWHERE literally every corner. I said “wow they have 7-Eleven here?” Mena looked at me like I was crazy.

We got to the hotel I had booked and checked in. Mena pretty much handled the communication with the front desk. I was drained after my journey. The hotel was made entirely of hardwood. The walls the floor the ceiling everything.

We walked down the long wooden corridor to the room and shut the door. It was raining outside. Mena looked in the fridge and found a glass bottle of water to drink, she asked if I needed anything and I asked for a beer which she happily obliged. I told Mena I was going to take a shower. I left the door open to the bathroom to tempt her a little bit with the thought of how easy it would be to take a peek and a naked what she called “farang” or Thai for white man taking a shower.

I finished showering and came out into the room with a white towel around my waist. Mena was sitting on the bed and I sat down next to her and immediately started kissing her. She kissed back and I escalated quickly from there. Undressing her and experiencing her smooth brown skin and her long lean body. She was so sexy. It took no time at all before we were having sex. I was taking it all in, flying to asia, my first night in thailand, a beautiful girl picking me up from the airport and taking me to my hotel, and now experiencing this sexy exotic woman. It had been a hell of a day.

After a nice long session and thoroughly enjoying the hell out of each others bodies we finished and lied down to go to sleep.

Lying there in the dark in silence, I’ll never forget what Mena said next…

“Welcome To Thailand”

-the bodybuilder in thailand

5 thoughts on “Thailand Story #1: Destination Bangkok

  1. getting_lean_bro

    Great story and a good read – hope there will be soon a part 2?

    I found your blog/website via the fit misc forum (genova thread). So far I read several of your articles – very informative. Funny thjat a topic like the pisslord can actually lead to a good read.

    Question: maybe I missed it: but what do you do for a living in thailand?

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      hey dude, thanks for the kind words and yes i’m going to be making “Thailand Stories” a weekly feature, so there will be new stories from my life here in bangkok on the website every week.

      Dude the pisslord is so funny, i chill on my balcony some nights with thai friends and watch del ray misfits. they too think janoy and lenny are hilarious.

      How do i make my living?

      The “Get Paid” section of this website, located from the menu at the top discusses in detail how i make money. as well as my other website “” are how i make my living. So i work in my Boxers each day in my apartment.

      1. getting_lean_bro

        Yeah I should have checked that out before commenting. Seems like a great life!!

        I am also trapped in the corporate slavery lifestyle. It actually scared me reading your “blueprint” because it described my life perfectly. Went to school, get my bachelors and masters, got a job in my field, not even paid that good considering my education but work ike an animal every f*ckin day. On top of that, the uncertain economically prospects in my country. Maybe it’s time to change something..

        I also enjoyed reading this post ->
        I even bookmarked it, but though it seems easy to just say “well don’t give a fuck” maybe you can elaborate more on how you exactly accomplish this. I often find myself falling back in my old habits to say and do what I think people around me expect me to say and do (especially in the work place). Or is it something you “fake until you make” it kind of thing?

        Well thanks for your reply and – yes – the pisslord and alle the misfits are really awesome. I am currently thinking on how to introduce my girl friend to this little “universe of ments” – maybe I shouldn’t start with a lenny video 😀

        ok enough..peace out bye!

        1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

          i don’t think its a fake it till you make it. I think you just have to be really literal with yourself. Compare the consequences of people not liking what you do or thinking what you like is stupid, compare that to breaking your leg.

          Comparing the consequences of some person thinking differently than you and thinking you suck, to an actual real problem like breaking a leg, losing a limb something truly catastrophic, will put the situation in perspective.

          Some people just aren’t strong enough to not give a fuck. Most people do give a fuck. The mass majority of people do.

          For me?
          It comes down to this.
          I can clearly observe that the people who do what they want, say what is on their mind, and don’t react to the negativity of others live better lives than those who do not.

          All of the people “On Top” in this world behave that way.
          I refuse to be a little bitch that conforms with the masses.
          My mind is too strong for that, i’m going to be on top, and I won’t stop until i get there.

          That’s how I don’t give a fuck


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