Athletes and Drugs – Do Athletes Take Steroids?

Steroids & Doping – Do Professional Athletes and Actors Use Performance Enhancing Drugs PEDs

The Answer is yes, they all do.

They all do, and they could not look or perform the way that they do without PEDs.

This statement outrages some and causes hatred and anger to be cast at the messenger.


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But I am just that, the messenger.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

Sometimes, Reality is unpleasant and it can be painful to accept.  If you want to know the truth about whether or not athletes and actors use steroids, hgh and epo please remove any emotion from the thinking process used to come to your conclusion.

PEDs are covered by so much deception and secrecy, do you even know


No PEDs Here!

anything about them besides Peyton Manning Human Growth Hormone Accusations!andLance Armstrong Doping! Cheating!?

I’m going to ignore the fact that athletes have been caught every year in huge numbers for doping ever since it became testable.

Testosterone (the first and original anabolic steroid produced in the testicles of all male mammals) was first synthesised in 1935.  It was soon dopinginjected into many politicians including Adolf Hitler, Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Joseph Stalin by their physicians as a tonic for general health.  Around this same time the USSR began experimenting with administering testosterone to their olympic athletes during training.

During the following 2 decades, the USSR decimated the rest of the world in weight lifting and several other categories in the olympic games.

In 1954, Dr. John Ziegler of the USA Olympic Weightlifting Team, being dopingsuspicious of the Russian dominance in the sport invited the Russian coach to a tavern for some drinks after the olympic games.  Ziegler bought the coach many drinks and succeeded in bringing him to a high level of intoxication in which Ziegler was able to get the coach to divulge the secret that the Russian’s were doping with high levels of testosterone preparations.

Armed with this new knowledge of the power of the male Sex Hormone to increase athletic performance, Ziegler returned to America determined to devise a super steroids more powerful than testosterone at inducing muscle and strength gains yet less androgenic/estrogenic as to inhibit harsh side effects.

Ziegler was commissioned by the US Government to work at CIBA labs & pharmaceuticals to work on creating this new super steroid to beat communism.

In 1958, Dr. Ziegler and Ciba unleashed upon the world what would become the most powerful and widespread anabolic-androgenic steroid dopingof all time, as it still remains today even in 2016.  Dr. Ziegler and Ciba released DIANABOL chemically named METHANDROSTENELONE.  An orally active testosterone derivative with reduced estrogen conversion, 17-alpha-alkylation (preventing bonding/deactivation by steroid hormone binding globulin in the blood), enhanced IGF-1 expression, extreme nitrogen retentive, and nutrient partitioning effects.

In 1958, America Won Gold In Olympic Weightlifting.


1963 NFL San Diego Chargers Who Were Forced by Coaches To Use Dianabol (The Strongest Steroid Ever Created) With Every Meal

In the offseason before the 1963 NFL football season, the San Diego Chargers mandated their players to take one Dianabol tablet with each meal.  The tablets were supplied to the players and their consumption of the tablets was supervised while anyone refusing to take them for even one day was subject to a fine of roughly a week’s pay.

In 1962, The Chargers had a losing record going 4-10.  In 1963 the Chargers Won the NFL Championship.  

Seeing a pattern here?

Are NFL players bigger or smaller in 2016 than they were in 1963?


Ndamakoung Suh, the small natural defensive tackle, who is dwarfed by San Diego’s Big Bad Steroid Taking 1963 Championship Team

Can people who use steroids become bigger than people who do not use steroids?

That should answer your question on whether or not everyone in the NFL uses PEDs.

I’m not going to cover the East German Bloc Doping Program and their commission of the pharmaceutical company Jenapharm to create Oral Turinabol an anabolic steroid that leaves no trace of it’s use 3 days after discontinuing it’s administration.

I’m not going to cover Canada’s Ben Johnson using Dianabol and Winstrol dopingin the 1990 summer olympics,

I’m not going to cover the San Francisco Bay Area Lab BALCO scandal involving hundreds of professional athletes from every sport being shipped vials of Desoxymethyltestosterone and Tetrahydrogestrinone (The Clear) both of which are designer steroids, designed by Patrick Arnold, solely for the reason to avoid detection and dopingenable athletes to use them up to and through athletic events.

And finally, I’m not going to discuss Lance Armstrong Doping.


When you have the best of the best competitors.  Best training, best diet, best genetics, and their is another variable that can enhance performance (PEDs) and one person takes them, then everyone else has to take them too.  It has been proven by science that these substances increase the bodies ability to perform and recover from athletics.

What do athletes need to do to be the best in the world?

They need to take every advantage and use every resource they have.  Or else, the people who DO take advantage will win, because they will be the best having taken advantage of all available resources.

Sadly, Many Americans cannot brings themselves to accept this reality, and will hate me for writing this and bringing the truth to their dopingawareness.  The truth can hurt but it’s better to know it and accept it than it is to cover your eyes and run like a little kid or baby living in fantasy land.

I am fascinated by sports science and biochemistry.  It’s a passion of mine to share this information with you guys, I hope you learned something today and that you can use this information to arm yourself moving forward with the power to discern whatever you care to investigate with a newfound understanding.


-The BodyBuilder In Thailand

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4 thoughts on “Athletes and Drugs – Do Athletes Take Steroids?

  1. Jay

    hey dan what would you say is the best oral to keep muscles hard and lean while stacking it with Dianabol. I don’t think I’ll ever get into injectibles because they seem to annoying…( Also, I realize the main purpose for Dbol is pure mass, but I would still like to keep my muscles somewhat lean while starting a Dbol cycle because I’ve always had the dreaded skinny-fat body type where its extremely hard to put on any muscle but also hard to burn fat).

    Thanks for any advice with this

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      hey jay,

      I recommend you take an AI like Exemestane with your Dbol.

      this will keep the methandrostenolone in the dbol from attaching to the aromatase enzyme in the body which converts the dbol to methyl-estrodiol a super potent estrogen responsible for the “wet gains” of dbol.

      taking 25mg every other day of exemestane with the dbol should keep you lean, hard, and dry during your cycle. also very vascular if you have good dbol !

  2. Jay

    Alright thanks for the advice man, I appreciate it…..and actually do you happen to know any legit sources of dbol online, (or are you not allowed to say on here ?) I’m looking around now.


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