Tren Gyno

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Tren Gyno

A lot of people get Tren Gyno and can’t stop it or get rid of it.  I’m going to show you how to get rid of it if you’ve already got it, and to prevent or stop it if tren gyno has just started or if you fear it starting.

Trenbolone while incredibly anabolic and androgenic, comes from the 19-nor family of anabolic tren gynosteroids.  The 19-nor family is so closely related to Progesterone that Tren is actually called a “Progestin” not a testosterone.

Progesterone and Prolactin (trenbolone increases prolactin a ton) are what cause the growth of glandular tissue behind the nipple.  If you have Tren Gyno you will probably notice a hard lump that you can grip with two fingers.  This is different than estrogen gyno which is characterised by itchy swollen nipples.  Tren doesn’t give any warning signs and you basically develop a lump overnight.

If you’re having a problem with tren gyno, nolvadex, aromasin, letro, none of them are going to do jack shit.  You need a dopamine agonist.  This is not something to fuck around with.

As long as estrogen is controlled progesterone won’t really matter.  You need to get you prolactin down.  When your prolactin is high you will notice things like weak erection and not being able to cum as easy or at all.  You will also notice a brain fog or a “Block” when it comes to sex.  You’ll notice that something just isn’t right.

Tren Gyno

Tren Gyno

Terrible Feeling.

The 2 dopamine agonists that will fix you right up are Cabergoline or Pramipexole take your pick.

Caber is superior and has less side effects, the USA brand name for Caber is “Dostinex”

Once you start taking caber or prami your gyno will go away in a few days.  Dose the Caber at .5mg every other day.

Once you start on a dopamine agonist it’s going to surprise the shit out of you, how no amount of nolva, arimidex, or letro could do shit against your gyno, but as soon as you throw in some Caber Ta-Da! magic!

Here’s where you can get legit pharmaceutical grade Cabergoline (Dostinex).

Where To Buy Pharma Grade Ancilliaries

^Read my goddamm article so you can have some peace of mind and know your Caber is legit


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