Is Kinobody Natty?

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Is Kinobody Natty?

Well, sometimes he is, sometimes he isn’t.  That’s the most probable explanation but without a shadow of a doubt this guy at least CYCLES androgenic steroids.

Kinobody aka Greg O’Gallagher the Intermittent fasting self proclaimed REAL LIFE Bruce Wayne 


Cannonbal Deltoids Baby!

Most guys who use juice are “Blasting and Cruising” which means running a cycle of steroids for 10-20 weeks followed by “cruising” on a low dose of something like 200mg testosterone cypionate per week.

But, I want to let you guys know one thing FOR SURE, and that is that in this picture to the right, this dude is using steroids.  Those cannonball delts are cause by one thing and one things only.  ANDROGENS. Guy’s shoulder, chest, trap, area (the muscles most sensitive to steroids) makes him look as wide as a Boeing 747 Airliner.

A possible list of drugs he’s using in that picture are in addition to testosterone injections, trenbolone, winstrol, masteron, primobolan, anavar.  Anything with high anabolic properties that shuttles glycogen inside of the muscle cell while promoting a dry hard and grainy look.

One thing is for sure.  Dude looks spectacular in that photo.

Here is a photo of kinobody on a possible cruise or low dose of testosterone maintanence kinobodyperiod.  He still looks very good, he just doesn’t have that insane pop and muscles fullness that the above picture showcases, which can only be achieved by highly anabolic steroids.

I’ve seen guys who I know do not use steroids look similar to the way he looks here.  Guys, who had TOP OF THE FUCKIN LINE GENETICS.

Working out plus top of the line genetics will get you to Kinobody’s cruise look haha.


These Delts Ain’t Loyal Brah

100% natural deltoids.  Guys, not sure if you were aware of this, but the deltoids, trapezius, and upper pectorals have the highest density of androgen receptors of any muscles in the human body.  That is why you commonly see physiques with the body parts looking absolutely out of this world.  Whenever you see someone who claims natural having a physique or body part that looks out of this world, bulky, cut and hard, does not fit their frame.  It means they aren’t really natural.  There isn’t anything even wrong with claiming natural when asked.  The bullshit is the screaming “I’m Natural Bitches!!!” and just constantly propping yourself up based on your “Drug free status” and then decieving people and making a buck off them.  That’s called snake oil brah, and that ain’t loyal.

This video by Durian Rider on youtube is absolute gold.  Watch this shit, and it will be clear to you kinobody’s character.  seriously, you don’t even need to read this fuckin’ article, Durian absolutely ROASTS him.

“If I was on Roids man, just a small amount! I don’t really know anything about drugs though really, I’m just guessing, but I would be at least 195lbs shredded.”

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