Is Matt Ogus Natural?

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Is Matt Ogus Natural?

Well I used to think so,

I was so impressed by his physique and knowledge that I actually hired his coach at Team 3DMJ

matt ogus

Ogus on the left with his former “Partner”

Well, 3DMJ knows their stuff and if you want some great contest prep coaching, their services are definitely worth the money.


Matt Ogus is not natural.  (Neither is Lance Armstrong)

In The Words of Durian Rider, “Where’s your carbon isotope ratio testosterone test brah?”

With pro athletes lying about performance enhancing drug use and then being popped at some point in their careers for steroids all throughout the last 30 years, why in the fuck would we believe these youtubers that they are natural based on their word?

If you aren’t a complete fucking moron, you wouldn’t.

But, most people just don’t know any better.  It’s hard to know what is characteristic of a physique using Anabolic Androgenic substances.  So let’s use Matt Ogus physique as an example for showcasing this.

matt ogus

Ogus on a Bulk

Let’s take this picture of Ogus on a bulk and analyse some features of his physique.  The traps, shoulders and upper pecs explode off of his bone structure.  I’m sorry, but if you are natural you will never have that look where muscle is just erupting off of your bone structure.  Naturals build muscle that can be developed, increased in size, but only to the extent that it fits their bone structure.  Ogus’ muscles are clearly “Overdeveloped” looking.  That means Androgens.  Not to mention the fact that the muscles he is displaying most prominently are the muscles characteristic for the highest density of androgen (steroid) receptors and therefore the greatest potential for androgenic steroid induced growth in the human body.  Overdeveloped bulky muscles erupting off of a man’s bone structure? ANDROGENS.

matt ogus

Lean and Emaciated as Fuck? Just like a Starving Human Gets Naturally …Right? Right?

matt ogus

A Standing Relaxed Picture of Ogus Cake







These recent pictures of Matt Ogus Cake (delicious as fuck recipe for protein cake btw) showcase the look of an alien human being, immune to the effects of starvation.  As he looks

matt ogus

Ogus’ recent condition

into the camera lens appearing literally skinless he displays the look of a man with muscles fuller than pamela anderson’s boobs.

He’s so dry, and so lean, and so full, and so hard looking.

Guys, you cannot get this way naturally.  To get this lean requires starving and starving does not result in the look of an adonis ready to do battle.

matt ogus

Starving. Emaciated. Weak. Sickly. JK. RIPPED AS FUCK! SUPERHUMAN

Nothing against Matt Ogus, he’s a cool guy but you guys are literally living in mother fucking dream world if you think the human body evolved to be this lean, dry, muscular machine.

The dude absolutely looks superhuman.

Guess what? You too can look superhuman!

All you have to do is inject some of the superhuman substances up your ass!

Ogus is an entertaining guy and he spreads great knowledge about training and diet on his channel.

The fact of the matter is, that no, steroids, growth hormones, and other performance enhancing drugs will not work to give you the results you desire without proper training and ESPECIALLY nutrition.  Nutrition is the key factor in achieving the physique you desire, and Ogus correctly preaches this on his youtube channel.

matt ogus

matt’s creepy as fuck weird cunt of a GF

The difference between you and Matt Ogus is he has all 3 factors on point.  Perfect Diet, Perfect Training, and Perfect Drug Protocol.

Bodybuilding requires a pyramid of three factors:

DIET is number 1

followed by training and performance enhancing drugs being of equal importance.

So No, Hiring Matt’s Coach at 3DMJ didn’t get me anywhere near Matt’s physique. Lightyears away really.

But, it was highly beneficial, and an essential step in my progression as a bodybuilder.



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