Nolvadex How To Use It For PCT

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Nolvadex PCT nolvadex

Nolvadex is the best PCT medicine you can use after coming off of steroids or prohormones or SARMS.  Nolvadex will restore the functioning of your balls back to 100% after you finish your cycle.  Taking Nolvadex as a PCT ( post cycle therapy ) will block estrogen and gyno from forming in your nipples as well as stimulating your balls to start producing maximum testosterone levels again.

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How Nolvadex Works

Nolva works by stimulating the HPTA ( hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis ).  The HPTA is a feedback mechanism that your brain uses to regulate hormone levels in the body.

When you finish a steroid, prohormone or SARM cycle your testosterone may be suppressed.  Your brain recognizes the low testosterone by monitoring feedback from the HPTA.  Slowly it will react to this feedback and restore normal levels of testosterone.  You can speed this process up to taking only a week or 2 by using Nolva for PCT.

Nolvadex stimulates the HPTA to become activated.  The Nolvadex binds to the hypothalamus which sends signals to the pituitary to tell the testicles to produce testosterone.  By using nolva you can get your natural testosterone levels back up to 100% in just a week or 2.  For this reason, PCT is highly recommended.

In addition to stimulating the HPTA and natural testosterone production, Nolvadex has specific binding attraction to breast and nipple tissue.  It seeks out these tissues in the body and blocks the effects of estrogen in them.  Taking Nolva eliminates estrogen’s ability to cause gyno, bitch tits. Because of it’s ability to block estrogen in the nipples so effectively, Nolva is known as a “Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator” because it specifically seeks and blocks the estrogen receptor in breast and nipple tissue of the body.

How To Use Nolvadex for PCT

If you are taking Steroids start Nolva 2 weeks after you stop.  If you are taking SARMS or Prohormones start taking Nolva the day that you stop using them.

A Nolvadex PCT lasts 4 weeks.  The first 2 weeks you use 40mg of Nolva every day.  For weeks 3 and 4 of PCT you will be taking 20mg Nolva each day.

After you finish the 4 weeks, your natural testosterone will be restored and you will have a much easier time keeping the gains from your cycle.

PCT is the same whether you are using steroids, SARMS, or prohormones. Week 1 40mg every day. Week 2 40mg every day, Week 3 20mg every day, Week 4 20mg every day. Finished.

How To Use Nolvadex to Prevent and Shrink Gyno


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Nolva can be used very effectively to eliminate gyno symptoms during your cycle if they arise.  If your nipples start burning or itching just start taking 40mg of nolvadex per day until the symptoms disappear.  It shouldn’t take more than a day or 2 of Nolva for the gyno symptoms to vanish.

If you already have gyno you can shrink the size of the lumps behind your nipples by using nolvadex to shrink gyno.  This requires more aggressive dosing.  Using 60mg per day for 2 weeks will usually shrink any lumps to barely existent, or may even completely destroy them.  IT is very effective.

Where To Buy Nolvadex

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