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Enhanced Athlete OstaMuscle

What’s Up Guys, This post is about Enhanced Athlete’s Ostamuscle Results. ostamuscle results

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As you know my ORIGINAL recommendation on bodybuilderinthailand.com for guys who wanted to “level up” from being natural but not take steroids was “OstaRed” Ostarine from Red Supplements.  This supplement caused steroid like muscle gains in experienced natural lifters and Red Supplements discontinued it several months after I recommended it, after the FDA threatened to sue them.

Well now EnhancedAthlete.com is selling Ostamuscle which contains the same active ingredient as OstaRed did.  Only this time, The owner of the EnhancedAthlete Company (Dr. Tony Huge) is in fact a Lawyer, and this product is NOT coming off the market anytime soon.

Why are OstaMuscle Results so good?  Because this stuff works on your body the same way that steroids like testosterone do without actually being steroids or having negative side effects.

If you are new here, welcome.  I’m Dan, The Bodybuilder in Thailand, and i’m an experienced user of anabolic steroids for bodybuilding.

OstaMuscle Results

In my experience taking Ostamuscle results are not much different than results from taking the

ostamuscle results

Anavar 4 Week Cycle Results

anabolic steroid Anavar.  Good, clean gains in quality strength, hardening of muscle density, and slow quality mass gains.  I’ve Taken both OstaMuscle and Anavar and the experience was more or less the same.

You don’t “Blow up and get huge” from taking Ostamuscle, like the way you would from taking Dbol or Anadrol.  What happens is your muscles get harder and more full.  They get a more cut up appearance to them and take on a more muscular shape.  You appear 1% or 2% lower bodyfat than you really are.  Your muscles become markedly stronger even without increasing in size, and overtime you experience slow keepable muscle mass gains that are easy to maintain after your Ostamuscle cycle is over.

EnhancedAthlete.com Ostamuscle Review

Okay the science behind why Ostamuscle can give similar gains to weaker anabolic steroids like Anavar. I’m going to make this as simple as possible.

Ostamuscle Results

Dr. Tony Huge, Owner of EnhancedAthlete.com

Ostarine (the active ingredient in OstaMuscle) is a “SARM” which stands for (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator).

Anabolic Steroids Such as Testosterone work because they stimulate the “Androgen Receptor”. Muscle Cells have these androgen receptors that when stimulated by testosterone cause the muscles to uptake more protein from the blood.  This is why people like me who use steroids are so much bigger than you.

I have a lot more testosterone in my blood than the average dude because I inject myself with it.  All that extra testosterone stimulates the androgen receptors on my muscle cells which signals to them to take in tons of extra protein from my blood and use the protein I eat to grow bigger muscles, instead of just shitting it out like natural bodybuilders do.

SARMS like Ostarine also stimulate the androgen receptors on muscle cells, the same way as anabolic steroids do.

The difference between Steroids and SARMS like Ostamuscle is that steroids are attack ALLLL of

ostamuscle results

Androgen Receptor Diagram

the bodies androgen receptors.  Not just the androgen receptors located on muscle cells.  Most all of the cells in the body contain androgen receptors.  This is why men look very different than women.

Men have increased body hair and facial hair, because the cells that produce hair contain androgen receptors.  Men go bald and sweat more than women because the skin contains androgen receptors.  Men grow bigger thicker bones and tendons than women because those tissues also contain androgen receptors.

Do you get it now?

All of your cells have androgen receptors.  Steroids like testosterone stimulate every single one of your bodies androgen receptors.  Which causes undesirable side effects.


Meaning they are selective in which tissues they stimulate the androgen receptor in.  SARMS only stimulate the androgen receptor in Muscle, Tendon, and Bone.

Since Ostamuscle only stimulates the androgen receptor in MUSCLE, TENDON, and BONE.  You get the effects of anabolic steroids on those tissues only, while avoiding the negative side effects of anabolic steroids on other tissue.  So with Ostamuscle there is NO BLOATING, NO BALDING, and NO BITCH TITS.  Just bigger stronger muscles, bones, and tendons. No side effects.

Ostarine is a drug originally developed by a pharmaceutical company to replace anabolic steroids in medicine.  It is still in the Trial phases of testing.  This is why EnhancedAthlete.com can sell it to you as a RESEARCH CHEMICAL.  Dr. Tony Huge is a lawyer and he knows how to use legal loopholes.

OstaMuscle Cycle

ostamuscle results

Oral Growth Hormone

A Good Ostamuscle Cycle is going to be around 20mg-50mg Ostarine per day for 8-12 weeks.  Ostarine is not methylated so you can run it for a long time without stressing the liver.

If you want to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time stacking OstaMuscle with Oral Growth Hormone will cause this effect.  This will double your HGH levels and allow you to “exchange” fat tissue for muscle tissue while gaining strength at the same time.

A man could expect a total transformation from running 50mg OstaMuscle with 50mg Oral Growth Hormone for 8 weeks.

Read More About Oral Growth Hormone Mk-677 Here.

OstaMuscle Gains

Anyways guys, hope this helps you understand and take advantage of a supplement that

ostamuscle results

EnhancedAthlete Dr. Tony Huge and The Bodybuilder in Thailand Chilling in Bangkok

actually works, and will give you a MAJOR edge over everyone training naturally at your gym.

You Can Visit EnhancedAthlete.com Here to check out OstaMuscle.  Dr. Tony Huge and I are friends in Real Life by the way and I have a 15% off Coupon for you to use so you can make gains and leave all the natural bodybuilding frustrations behind even if you are on a budget.

Use the Promotion Code ” BBT15 ” in the promotion code at checkout to receive 15% off your order at EnhancedAthlete.com

Take Advantage of all that whey protein you’ve been taking and stop just farting and shitting it all out lol.

-the bodybuilderinthailand

OstaMuscle Results


6 thoughts on “OstaMuscle Results (Ostarine Mk-2866) Review Enhanced Athlete

  1. Abdul

    Do you know where i can get SARMS in Thailand ?
    Im planning to come for vacation for a week and was hoping to buy a few.

  2. janoys lower body

    hey dan,
    nice read and website. really like it.

    do you think running arimistane while on a low dose ostarine cycle (12,5mg ED) would be enough and would you recommend running a PCT afterwards and if so, what kind of pct?

    greetings from youtube. 😉

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      hey ‘janoy’ lol,
      if you are running arimistane with ostarine dosed at 12.5mg i don’t think your natural test will be affected at all, in the case doing a PCT would just expose your body to drugs for no purpose. however, i do think ostarine is a mild drug and if you can should be run at least 20mg per day.

  3. Cips

    Hey BBT. Ordered Osterine and Blue Ox. First time trying and waiting for Them to arrive. Lifetime natty so was just looking for something legal so SARMS is what I landed on. What are your recommendations for taking these two supplements? Would you take them together or separately meaning doing Ost first for a couple weeks and then Ox. Or Do them same time. Also as a first time user with what dosage? I was thinking of starting just with 10 mg for the first week and then going to 20 for the remainder. Also is a over the counter AI recommend? I have a bottle of


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