Do I Regret Taking Steroids

Do I Regret Taking Steroids?

As I stood there in the bathroom with 2 loaded syringes of 600mg testosterone enathate my mind was racing.

Now was the moment.

As soon as I plunged that needle into my hip for the 1st time there would be no turning back.

I’d always wanted to use steroids since I was 18 years old. They’re fascinating, mysterious substances. ¬†Every man or boy in the gym admires Arnold Schwarzenneger, and all the girls get wet over buffed up enhanced superheros like Captain America and Thor.

I picked up the first syringe and took the cap off the needle.

Did the golden oil inside this syringe really hold the secret to becoming the bodybuilder I’d always dreamed of being?

Not a guy who works out and has pretty big arms, but a REAL jaw dropping panty wetting bodybuilder.

I didn’t think I could inject myself. I was scared as fuck and I was shaking but I swore to god I was not going to be a fucking pussy and let this prevent me from reaching what I truly wanted.

I just could not bring myself dart the needle into my hip. It was an inch and a half long and I needed to plunge the entire thing in.


I decided I would just hold the needle up to my hip and kind of set it against it, for a “warm up”

Suddenly I noticed the needle just kind of fell into my hip lol.

I hadn’t even pressed, I had just set it against myself but it was so sharp that it just sort of fell inside of me about a quarter of an inch without me feeling it.

“This is my chance!” I thought.

Suddenly with a surge of confidence I gripped the syringe and buried the entire inch and a half of the hypodermic metal down into the flesh of my hip.

Then I put my finger on the plunger and shot every last drop of that shit into me hahaha.

Guys, that was my first experiencever taking steroids. No joke. I had never tried an oral or a prohormone. Nothing. Went straight for the testosterone injection and there was no looking back.

The enhancement to my physique the extra testosterone allowed me to pursue, was exactly the look I had envisioned when I started lifting weights.

I don’t regret taking steroids.

The slightly influence and enhance nearly every area of my life

I enjoy pursuing a high testosterone life style.

It’s fun, and it’s very rewarding.

I don’t have a fucked up liver, or a female tit growing off my chest, hair loss, or significant acne.

I’m more driven and determined to set and reach goals.

I have an extra edge of self assureness that the testosterone magnifies by interacting with neuroreceptors at the base of my brain.

Im extra horny!

Haha testosterone makes your dick and sex better too!

Testosterones been called a performance enhancibg drug.

I propose we call testosterone a LIFE ENHANCING DRUG.

do I regret taking steroids?

Hell no,

They’re awesome. I’ll no doubt have a doctor shooting me with testosterone an growth hormone in my old age, and look like ripped up muscle old pimp like Andreas Cahling ;P


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