Rich Piana Synthol

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Rich Piana Synthol

Rich Piana Synthol

Rich Piana Synthol

What is that in Rich Piana’s arms?  Why do his arms looks so bulbous and strange next to other bodybuilders?

The answer ladies and gentlemen is massive massive synthol abuse.

What is synthol?

It’s an injectable oil that has an irritant in it that causes the body to encapsulate it, forming a hard cyst, which looks somewhat like muscle.

Do you notice in the picture how Piana’s “muscle” just looks a bit fucked up?  It looks abnormal the laws of physics don’t apply to it in the correct way.

Here is Bostin Loyd Explaining What Synthol is and How to Use It.

Rich Piana has admitted to using synthol on Ric Drasin’s Youtube talk show.  When Ric asks asks Rich if he uses synthol Rich says “I’ve tried it”

This is a major understatement.Rich Piana Synthol

If “I’ve tried it” means “I’ve injected 100,000 CC’s into my arms, chest, and shoulders” then I guess what he said is accurate.  Not that I blame him for exaggerating or playing down Rich Piana Synthol use, it’s embarrassing, it looks like shit, and it isn’t real muscle.

This isn’t unusual for Rich though.

rich piana synthol

WTF?? hahahahahha

He has fake muscle, fake made in an operating room wife (sorry that was harsh, trying to be objective), Trains with fake weights, makes fake faces and grimaces for the camera while training, posts fake photoshopped pictures to his instagram.

Everything about this guy is fake.

That’s not his schtick though.  The dude is entertaining as fuck! Seriously, watching his youtube

episodes is pure comedy, he has a ton of personality and he is absolutely not affected by what anyone thinks, he just does his thing.  There’s a lot to be respected because of that, he seems like a decent guy, other than when he has been caught on camera treating his wife like shit.

Rich Piana Synthol

Rich and Sara

Such as the time that he was running out of gas at Habit Burger kicked his wife out of the car and told her to walk through the drive through at midnight, zoomed off in his Maserati leaving her to hangout in the dark for 30 minutes alone at midnight (a blonde barbie with massive knockers) then when he finally got his ass back there he didn’t even pick her up or say hi or whatever.  Rich Piana Synthol just drove straight up to the drive thru and placed his order, ignoring his wife who he had just left out in the dark by herself for 30 minutes.  That was seriously fucked up and was actually the lowest thing I have seen Rich Piana Synthol man do.

Skip to 28:15 to see one of the largest displays of douchbaggery ever:

Anyways back to discussing Rich Piana Synthol.

Don’t get me wrong guys, I like Rich, I’m not hating, we’re just talking about his synthol, and the fact that he has used this controversial bodybuilding drug heavily is not debatable.

Synthol is fake muscle, it’s basically injectable implants.  Look how weird it looks when

Rich Piana Synthol

Rich Piana and Mike “Tren” O’Hearn

compared to real muscle like on Mike O’Tren.

My concern for him is what happens when all that oil starts to get broken down by the body and enters his blood stream?

That shit could clog his arteries or heart and kill him.

But until then at least we can continue enjoying the hilarity that this character has to offer.

-the bodybuilder in thailand

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