The Mental Effects of Steroids – Roid Rage – The Truth

roid rageThe Mental Effects of Steroids Roid Rage – The Truth

Crazy Roided Up Freaks Psychotic Out of Their Minds Pumped Full of Testosterone, Armed and DANGEROUS.  Don’t let yourself become of victim of their roid rage.

Sounds a lot like reefer madness right?

This is what the media will have you believe. That people who use anabolic steroids are dangerous and you need to be careful around them.

Scare people about something they know nothing about, slap a catchy name on it, and let the misinformation be spread by our corrupt money hungry media sources that will do anything to get your attention to make a buck $

I’ve taken steroids in varying dosages and I’m going to tell you about the mental effects of steroids.

The Mental Effects of Steroids

Steroids make you more assertive.  When I started injecting myself with testosterone, it didn’t take long for me to notice that I was more likely to “enforce my opinion”

In context this means that I became more adamant about expressing my feelings about things without censoring myself in order to avoid criticism.

Obviously if a teenager is behaving like that it’s going to be obnoxious. Which is one of the reasons why teenagers should not use steroids.

But when you are a full grown adult male who has the capacity to reason and think before you act or speak, then this assertiveness becomes an asset.

You could call it polarizing. More people are likely to appreciate and follow an assertive individual who they know is blunt and speaks the truth about how they feel.

At the same time some people are likely to reject honesty and individual thought.  Many people are proponents of ‘group thought’ or adhering to a status quo.  For these people your new found lack of sugar coating anything since beginning steroids will be met with great distaste and they will probably hate you.

Mind you, the changes I’m speaking of are not hard rules.  Everyone reacts differently to steroids both mentally and physically.  You are most likely to just notice a general tendency towards honesty, assertiveness, and a reduction in caring about ‘people pleasing’

Do Steroids Make You Physically Violent?

I can tell you in my experience absolutely not.  I have never experienced anything remotely similar to an out of control ‘roid rage’ lol. The notion having a Roid Rage even is so ridiculous to me that I can’t help get Crack a smile.  Anabolic Steroids will not cause you to go into any violent frenzies in lose control of your actions in a roid rage. Before I started using steroids, I made a conscious decision to not use aggression as a way of solving my differences with others.  I felt this was a moral obligation as I just wasn’t sure how steroids would effect my mind.  I felt like if I was going to be mature enough to use steroids then I would have to also be mature enough to make a commitment not to physically harm anyone for the sake of solving differences.

An interesting phenomena that occurs once you start getting really big and jacked is that other men start seeking you out for potential fights.  This mostly occurs if you go out to nightclubs and bars where alcohol is present.  You see, alcohol is the real drug of violence.  Steroids have never made me have aggressive feelings or want to hurt anyone.

But I can most definitely tell you that since getting noticeably bigger and more jacked than most everyone else, it has made many insecure douche bags and want to be gangsters want to harm or hurt me once they are intoxicated with alcohol.

I’m not exactly sure why this is but I can give a very good guess.

The wannabe thugs that routinely try to start physical violence with me now are always insecure and obviously have not had good male role models in their lives.

These are the punks who come up with some random beef in a bar or wherever else alcohol is served and then out of nowhere start calling me “Nigger” and telling me they are going to kick my ass, beat the shit out of me, etc.

Guys, if you’re considering using steroids then know this, you will become a target to these low lives.

Your presence, being bigger and more ‘dominant’ in appearance to them makes them feel like shit about themselves and they will want to hurt you.

This is where I’ve ran into problems with steroids increasing my aggressiveness.

Anabolic Steroids tip the balance of the innate fight or flight response to… fight.

This is where the urban legend of roid rage came from.

Part of it is being so much stronger than the average man, when one of them wants to harm you, it’s hard not to entertain thoughts of crushing them.

But the main factor is what I believe to be chemical, and within the brain.

When we are threatened with physical harm our brain makes an instantaneous judgement whether to flee and run away or to stay and neutralize the threat.

The brain does this without conscious thought. It happens within a split second and if you are not familiar and prepared to feel this decision to ‘neutralize the threat’ that your body makes, then you very well may end up in a situation you don’t want to be in.

It’s taken me a few times of being in those situations that I didn’t want to be in before I learned that I needed to be prepared to feel this feeling of ‘engage’ wash over me when I am physically threatened.

I never got this feeling before I started using steroids, but now I get it every time.

Before, deep down I wanted to avoid a fight at all costs.

Now, my impulse reaction is to engage my aggressor.

But, that’s just it.  It is my IMPULSE reaction, it doesn’t control me and I can still walk away If I choose.

I’ve had some bad experiences learning this, and following my instinct to engage these punks.

While I did make quick work of them, I don’t enjoy hurting people. It isn’t me, and I don’t want to do it. Even if they want to hurt me. Truly I just want to get away.

Which is why my gold standard I now choose to pursue is to walk away even if I get sucker punched in the face.

I’m a big powerful guy and I have nothing to prove. It doesn’t make me big or tough to beat up people weaker than me, and it doesn’t make me a pussy to walk away even if I’ve been struck.

I know I’m not a pussy, and it doesn’t bother me if someone calls me that.

If you choose to use anabolic steroids, this is something you will always have to deal with, however, you can get better and better at dealing with it, and becoming more and more resolute to avoiding physical escalation at all costs.

Really guys, you don’t want to be the bully on steroids that beats people up. Even when they were the ones who wanted to hurt you first.

I’ve had some altercations where even though I felt some carnal enjoyment from wrecking an attacker, in the end it just makes me feel like shit.  There is no happiness in causing physical harm to others whether they deserve it or not.

-the bodybuilder in thailand

Roid Rage – The Mental Effects of Steroids



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