Is Simeon Panda Natural?

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Simeon Panda – Steroids or 100% Natural Hard Work?

simeon panda

100% Natural Eyebrows. Never Been Waxed or Threaded.

simeon panda

Lmfao dude you can’t be serious with those fucking eyebrows.

Simeon Panda AKA the natural Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Is he really natural? Well I’ll tell you one thing those fucking eyebrows are certainly not natural.  I mean what the fuck man? In every single picture I see of you, you’ve got your eyebrows cocked in this homoerotic fashion that makes dudes everywhere want to bone you up the ass, and your face resemble The Wicked Witch Malificent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

I guess looking like you need to take a shit all the time could intimidate people from asking you if you use anabolic androgenic steroids.

Whether you use Performance Enhancing Drugs or Not Doesn’t Matter, but when you prance around like a little bitch flaunting “I’m Natural Bodybuilder!” and conning people into buying shit house programs, then you deserve to be put on blast.

The best analysis on this lying sack of shit was by Vegan Gains, who bought Simeon’s 2 page $50 Cookie Cutter “Shred” program.

Ah Fuck! There’s That Gay Ass Mug Staring up at us Again.  Fuck Off Bitch!

Simeon Panda has earned the nickname “The Natural Arnold Schwarzenegger” because he has successfully gained as much or more muscle than Arnold did in his bodybuilding career (Arnold

simeon panda

You have to have your eyebrows looking like Simeon’s in order to be a REAL MAN

Admits To Steroids Use)

Only Our All American Boy Simeon Panda Did It Without Drugs! Wow! Equallling Arnold’s Fat Free Mass Index of 29.0!

What a tough guy. What a natural inspiration!  Simeon Panda is in fact so proud of being a natural bodybuilder bigger than Arnold, that he sued Vegan Gains for making that video about him!

Simeon won’t stand for having his reputation slandered with libel, so if someone says they think he is on anabolic steroids he will sue them! take that! that’ll teach you!Simeon Panda

Hopefully if you are a Simeon Panda Fanboy you found this page before you bought one of his bullshit programs.

But just in case you still want to waste your time and money,

Here’s a link to his website!  Hopefully you can practice his eyebrow poses while you are there for maximum aesthetics.

And before you go here is a hilarious video of Train To Look Good Naked asking girls who they think out of Simeon Panda and Vagina Gains who They’d Rather Sleep with!

Some of the girls said they think Simeon is on steroids, so I guess he’d better sue them too!


I think this post is most amusingly summed up by something IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Gustavo Badell Said –


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