My Steroid Side Effects

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My Steroid Side Effects

I’ve been cycling Anabolic Steroids for some time now.  I remember before I had utilized themsteroid side effects one of the big and scary questions I had was “What Steroid Side Effects Would I Get?” If I used them.

Fear about potential consequences was one of the major road block for me in working up to actually taking the plunge and starting my first cycle.

I worried, If I used Anabolic Steroids, would I become bald as a Cue Ball? Would steroids make my balls shrink to the size of raisins? Would I ever be able to have kids or produce testosterone naturally again? and would I lose my ability to get an erection and have sex or be on TRT for life?

Well, keep reading because I’m here to answer your questions based on my real life experiences from using steroids for bodybuilding.

Negative Steroid Side Effects I’ve Experienced

Gyno- When I started testosterone injections I was scared to death of gyno or “Bitch Tits” I didn’t want to grow big nipples or saggy man boobs and ruin my physique.  This was a major concern.

Right out of the gate I started using daily Nolvadex to block the estrogen receptors in my nipples and chest area along with taking Aromasin to lower estrogen in my body.  This was very effective.

Sometimes I would feel a bit of a itchy burning feeling on my nipple in the morning and when that happened I would take a little extra Nolvadex and Aromasin and within an hour it would disappear.

I ran into a problem when I started using Tren (Trenbolone).  Tren raised my prolactin levels which will cause hard lumpy glandular tissue behind your nipples, and no amount of Nolvadex or Aromasin will do shit to prevent it.  I didn’t understand this, and when my nipples got hard rocky lumps the size of peas behind them, I didn’t know what to do.  They hurt like a BITCH as well, if I accidentally bumped something my nipple would hurt like crazy.

That fucking sucked. What I did was I got some cabergoline and took it to wipe out the prolactin.  Luckily I caught the gyno symptoms soon enough and the pea sized lumps went away and the caber completely wiped out my gyno sympotoms.

Now I know to ALWAYS keep Cabergoline and Aromasin (Exemestane) on hand when using steroids.

Sweating and Heat – When using steroids I sweat significantly more.  I’m also just generally a bit hotter all the time.  This is a bit of a bitch, but I don’t mind too much.  I’ve always been a guy who sweats a lot and so is my father so it’s in my genetics but steroids exacerbate this trait.

Acne – If I don’t use an Anti-Estrogen like Aromasin (Exemestane) or I don’t take enough of it, then I will get some small white-head acne.  But this is a non-issue as long as I control my estrogen.  As you guys can see in my videos, I don’t really ever have any acne.

PIP Post Injection Pain – My first Injection had me limping for about 2 or 3 weeks afterwards because of sore injection sites.  That really sucked.  It has gone away for the most part, but even now i’ll do an injection that will leave the muscle I put the needle into sore for 2 or 3 days afterwards.

Swollen Prostate – Again, i’ve experimented with not taking anti-estrogen before and when I did this, my prostate got swollen and made me have to urinate frequently because it pushed against my bladder.  I figured out quickly how important it is to keep my estrogen levels down and since figuring that out have not had any prostate issues.  For the record, when my prostate did swell up once I got my estrogen under control the prostate returned to normal size, the prostate swelling effects were not permanent.

Hair Loss – I have experienced Zero Hair Loss from Steroids.  Hair loss simply is not part of my genetics and so this side effects does not express itself in me.  Thank god.  If you are genetically predisposed to hair loss (you are already experiencing hair loss before using steroids) then steroids will speed up the balding process.

Sex Drive / Erection – When my prolactin got high from Tren it fucked up my sex drive and ability.  I couldn’t get more than a soft chub and absolutely could not orgasm.  That along with the pea sized glandular shit behind my nipple really fucking sucked and was why I overnighted the Cabergoline to fix the issues lol.  One day after administering the caber I could get a hard erection and orgasm again lol.  For me, Prolactin must be kept down or else it will wreak havoc on my sex drive.  Tren and Deca raise prolactin, so I won’t inject a single milligram of either of those if I do not have caber in hand to deal with prolactin.  As long as I have caber, I can use Tren without any problems.

The only other compound that gave me sex drive issues was Dbol / Dianabol.  Strangely as most people report increased sex drive on dianabol.  For me it wiped out my sex drive and ability to sustain an erection.  I tried to fuck around with anti-estrogen and cabergoline to fix it but absolutely nothing would fix it.  I came to the conclusion that I simply cannot use Dianabol because I value my sex drive more than my physique.  Sucks, because Dianabol is the strongest steroid I’ve ever used, even stronger than Tren.

Aggression – I do not experience aggression from steroids.  For me, Roid Rage even on Tren is a complete myth.  I do not lose my mind, or turn into an asshole.  I’m actually more calm when on androgens and steroids.

Steroids Shrink You Balls – Yes Steroids do make my balls smaller, but not fucking raisins lol and whenever I inject HCG to turn my natural hormone production back on my balls come back to 100% size again.  Steroids making your balls smaller is temporary, when you come off of them or take HCG your balls return to normal size.  Obviously this is a steroid side effects that everyone is scared to death of and a threat to one’s manliness!!! haha, My balls are about 80% normal size when on steroids.

Positive Steroid Side Effects I’ve Experienced

Mental Focus – Using steroids increases my ability to focus and hold an image or goal in the front of my consciousness.  I’m able to dedicate myself to one objective and more actively pursue it without becoming distracted.  This has been a major benefit to me in building my businesses.  This quality needs to be kept in awareness and moderated though, because you need to recognize the importance of relationships and not become too focused on what you are pursuing as to neglect those people who are important to you.

Mental Alertness – This is a bit of a strange effect that I didn’t know would happen.  All 5 of my senses are more sensitive quick changes.  I’m much more sensitive to loud sudden noises.  For example a car backfiring or a shout for help will have my head spinning to pinpoint the area of origin faster than I can even register anything has happened.  It’s completely autonomic.

Increased Confidence and Self Sufficiency – Using steroids has made me feel more confident mostly because it just caused me to stop really needing much of any approval from other people.  I’m sure part of that was combined with becoming more emotionally mature, but I do feel that steroids contributed to just not really giving a shit if other people liked what I was doing or not.

Increased Muscle and Strength – Steroids work guys, I’ve been able to attain the level of strength of muscularity that I envisioned myself eventually aquirring  when I first started lifting and this has been VERY satisfying.

Steroid Side Effects Conclusion

As you can see from my writing, the actual negative steroid side effects i’ve encountered were caused by the increase of female hormones estrogen and prolactin.  When those hormones are kept in the normal range I don’t really get any negative steroid side effects.  Obviously this is completely different than what you’ve heard from mainstream sources.  I consider anabolic steroids to be a useful tool in pursuing a satisfying lifestyle.  I really enjoy having elevated androgen levels as it in turn elevates the quality of my life.

Let me know if you have any questions about prohormone or steroid side effects

-the bodybuilder in thailand



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