Strip Clubs Dates Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Strip Clubs Dates Good Idea or Bad Idea?

I’ve always been a fan of these establishments myself and recently noticed that whether it was

strip clubs

Vietnamese Coffee Shop Staff

when I lived in California or now that I live here in Bangkok Thailand, I have a history of taking girls to adult entertainment / strip clubs with me.

Maybe, it’s just because I feel pretty great and have a big smile on my face in such establishments, I just want to show some pretty ladies in my life a good time.

On a more serious note, I do believe that taking girls to strip clubs for date has resulted in more and easier pussy smashing for me.

Little known fact by the Average Frustrated Sexless unless he has a Girlfriend Chump;

Girls Get Turned on by Watching Other Girls Act Sexy

girls are very very curious creatures and they find sexual attractiveness fascinating.  It makes

strip clubs

I’d Like Some Milk with My Coffee Please, Lots and Lots of Fresh Milk

sense, so much of their societal value is based off of how much attention they can attract via their sex appeal that classical conditioning reinforces their fascination with women acting sexy in a very powerful way.

Now that i’m no longer living a frustrated sex life, I can see very clearly why I should take my dates to such places.  It’s an unapologetically sexual activity.

Women love fucking unapologetically sexual men.

This is because unapologetically sexual men are not awkward in bed.

There is no danger of the woman feeling awkward when she gets naked in front of him, when she shows her legs and spreads her pussy for him, or for when she’s making sounds cumming for him.

Get this through your head.

Strip Clubs are a Fantastic Place to Take Your Date.

Back in San Francisco, it was always Vietnamese coffee shops I took my dates too.  Besides, the

strip clubs

Inside a Vietnamese Coffee Shop

fact that I love sexy asian girls.  The idea of these venues is the sexy FOB vietnamese waitresses dress in lingerie, sometimes topless, sometimes with a gstring through their pussy, and serve you your coffee.  They will sit at your table sometimes and have a conversation with you, sometimes they sing songs or are dancing.  They are there to help everybody have a good time, and they SURE do.  I’ll tell you one thing, you won’t ever run out of things to look at or talk about on this date.

Now that I live here in Bangkok Thailand, I always take my dates to dinner and then to Crazy House Go Go Bar at Soi Cowboy.  This

strip clubs

Bangkok Thailand GoGo Dancers

place is off the hook!

it is so unbelievably ballistic with naked girls.  

When I walk in it’s like every man’s dream becoming his real life.

I’ve gone here like 10 times yet still, every time I walk through those doors, I am SHOCKED by what I see.

Walk into Crazy House @ Soi Cowboy Bangkok and the first thing you will see is 20 fully naked sexy thai girls dancing on an island table in the middle of the room.

So what happens after the date?

Strip Clubs

Soi Cowboy Bangkok Thailand

We’re both already a bit aroused and it’s easy to suggest taking a taxi back to my apartment to look at some youtube videos i want to show her.

Then we get home and she’s eager to experiment doing what she saw the Dancers at the GoGo Bar doing, only she’ll be practicing on my lap.

-The Bodybuilder in Thailand

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