Symptoms of Low Testosterone Before and After (My Story)

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Before and After

Symptoms of Low Testosterone consist of loss of libido, impotence, infertility, shrinkage of the testicles, penis, and prostate, diminished masculinization, decreased facial and body hair testosterone replacement therapy before and aftergrowth, low muscle mass, anxiety, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, and osteoporosis.


Those are some shitty shitty symptoms.

Myself, I’m prescribed TRT testosterone replacement therapy from my doctor here in Thailand.  

Taking control of my hormones and getting the help I needed to become a high testosterone male has been hugely responsible for my success and one of the greatest decisions of my life.  It’s one of those decisions where after I made it, I just look back on how things were before and ask myself “Why didn’t I do that Sooner?

I did an experiment because I wanted to experience EXACTLY what testosterone does to the body, and know what it feels like to have none, versus having optimal testosterone levels.

So after being on TRT long enough to shut down my natural production, I stopped going to the clinic to get my weekly 250mg testosterone shot from my doctor.  After 4 weeks my testosterone levels had zero’d out.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Before and After

At first I started noticing that I felt like I had a bit of a cold.  I felt inclined to be more sedentary, I started gaining some fat and my muscles flattened out a bit, Then I literally just started feeling like shit.  My immune system wasn’t as strong, my desire for sex shrunk, and when I did have sex I didn’t feel like thrusting.  That was a major indicator for me.testosterone replacement therapy before and after

…and off to the clinic I went.  I was tired of feeling like I had the wind sucked out of my sails and convinced that life with No or Low Testosterone Symptoms was something I would only wish upon my worst enemy.  At the TRT clinic my doctor administered my testosterone injection as usual and off I went.

My doctor uses a fast acting testosterone called Sustanon 250 for my TRT.  This enters the body and leaves the body quicker than the traditional Testosterone Cypionate used for TRT.  It’s the same testosterone molecule, just one is quick release and the other is slow release.

10 hours after having my shot of testosterone I came home and had sex with my girlfriend and was surprised because of how vigorously I found myself thrusting into her, I felt like in those 4 short weeks I had forgotten and now remembered “Oh yeah this is how I remember sex being” so much different and more vigorous and enthusiastic than when my testosterone had been crashed.

The next day I went about my normal activities did my work, had my breakfast and lunch, dealt with customers.  I noticed I just felt good during all of this.  I felt cool and like nothing would bother me.  If someone was unhappy or upset or bitching about something, then i’d just let them deal with it, their problems wouldn’t affect me.  I literally felt the mental effects and confidence that having high testosterone does to a man again.  I felt cool, calm, and in charge of my actions.

It’s amazing how Testosterone not only effects our body and the amount of muscle and the amount of fat we carry, but how it also effects our minds and gives us the calm, cool and controlled demeanors of leaders.  The effects of testosterone replacement therapy before and after are night and day.

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Normal levels for total testosterone are 400-1000ng/dl but if your test comes back 600ng/dl or less I would seriously consider seeing a doctor about TRT because that 600ng/dl is only going to keep dropping lower.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Before and After

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