Thai Dating Sites Free

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Thai Dating Sites Free

Thai Dating Sites Free

Thailand University Student

There are a bunch of websites for meeting thai girls that advertise themselves as being Thai Dating Sites Free but for most of them this is simply a marketing gimick to get you to visit their page, or the website is only free because it barely gets any traffic.

Thailand has the usual big corporation owned dating sites like Thailovelinks, Asian Dating, and Thaicupid etc.  These websites often market themselves as Thai Dating Sites Free but when you actually check out the site, you can register and view thai women’s profiles but in order to send any messages, you need to pay.  SO they are most definitely NOT Thai Dating Sites Free.

ThaiFriendly is the Thai Dating Site Free with the most hype behind it for the past several years.  It’s owned by a few Thai Expats who know internet marketing and how to get popular. Thaifriendly is actually free to sign up and use, AND you can send messages once every 10 minutes without paying jack shit.  This is a main reason for their growing popularity, and why it is an ideal website to find young thai girls looking to meet and date a foreigner.

Think about this for a second, the average Thai woman does not have 2000 THB per month to spend on a dating site and therefore the ones you do get that are using the big dating sites are usually well off and entitled.  bangkok-university-girls thai dating sites free

I’m not of the minority when I say that us western men are not interested in “entitled women” here in thailand.  We are looking for the average Thai woman who is sweet and beautiful ( and sexy ) who will contrast the masculine western feminist woman we have come to loathe.

Since you can sign up and use thaifriendly without having you pay a dime, it attracts all the thai girls who want to meet a foreigner and have a western boyfriend but cannot afford to paythai dating sites free monthly membership fees.  That is why every expat blog in Thailand recommends this Thailand Dating Sites Free.

Thai Girls who are University Students, Bank Tellers, Sell Clothes at Shops, Work in The Mall, Sell Food, or Help The Family Store / Pharmacy, these are the thai girls who can’t afford to pay for dating websites and are instead using a free one.  These are also the most beautiful, sexy and desirable thai girls.

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