ThaiFriendly – Online Dating in Thailand – How To Get Laid With Thai Girls For Free

Thai Friendly – Online Dating in Thailand – How to Get Laid for Free – Review

Thai Friendly Online Dating in Thailand

I’ve been using Thai Friendly to date Thai Girls and get laid in Thailand for free since before I even got here lol.  I heard about the website from reading Thailand expat blogs when I was researching about moving out here.


Some girls i’ve dated from

So before I left California, I set up a free profile and started chatting up some thai girls.  It was actually fun because the thai girls were receptive and wanted to talk to me even though I wasn’t in thailand yet.  These were hot girls too.  Some of them asked me to webcam chat, of course I agreed, and so I got to meet thai women before I even got here.

Most of the girls I did video chat with were girls with office jobs or something of the sort, and hilariously one of them ended up masturbating on webcam trying to seduce me before I even got to thailand LMFAO.

When I arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport I had a sexy thai girl from Thai Friendly lined up to pick me up and take me back to my hotel, plus show me around bangkok a little bit.


thai friendly

This is what the website looks like when you’re using it

Basically, what I did was use as a “Pipeline” to line up dates with a bunch of Thai girls.  All of which were excited to meet me when I arrived in Thailand.

I’ve continued using ThaiFriendly while i’ve been in Thailand for the past year.  It’s honestly a good place to find a Thai Girlfriend or to just play around and find Thai girls who want to have sex.

How To Meet Thai Women

Online Dating is way more culturally accepted here in Thailand.  It’s actually considered the


some girls i’ve dated from

normal way for Thai girls to Meet Foreigner guys.  For example if i’m on a date with a Thai girl sometimes she’ll ask me how I met my last Thai girlfriend and if I don’t say “Online” she’ll look at me with a puzzled expression on her face. Lol.

Thai Girls are a bit shy to being approached on the street “cold approach” style.  I’m sure it has to do with self consciousness about other Thai’s seeing a foreigner approach her and being seen as a prostitute / hooker .

I know in the USA and Europe it’s still really taboo to be like “We met on Tinder” and everyone will be ashamed to admit it or whatever, but it’s simply not that way here in Thailand.

Because of that, all of the normal girls with good jobs who want to meet, sleep with, or date western men have online dating profiles.


some girls i’ve dated from

Thaifriendly is the only site that i’ve used since it’s the only one that doesn’t require you to buy a damn membership before you can even use the site.  Yeah, it does have restrictions like you can only send messages once every 10 minutes, but you can still use the site the same way a paying member does while just using the free membership.

That being said, I do use a paid membership because it’s such an effective way to meet Thai Girls that I feel it’s worth it.  However, I started off just using the free membership and it worked fine.

A lot of Thai Girls are looking for a western boyfriend so being that there are way more Thai Girls looking for a Western Man to date than there are Western Farang Men in Thailand, it’s pretty easy to find hot girls to date as you are playing on the better side of Supply and Demand.

When you send Thai Women messages on Thai Friendly Online Dating just say something like


some girls i’ve dated from

“hi, my name’s Dan, I’m the Bodybuilder in Thailand, You’re cute.”  Usually they’ll reply in a few hours and you can ask for their phone number or Line Id (messenger app) and contact them there in order to set up a place to get some food together or something.

After meeting up for food and enjoying each others company, just ask if they’d like to see your apartment/hotel.  On the way back to their place maybe stop by 7-Eleven and ask them which brand of thai beer is best, Leo, Chang, or Singha.  Usually Thai Girls are pretty chill/”Down” they may just be a little shy at first.

Should be a great night once you are back at you place.

So that’s my Review.  It’s one of the best ways to meet girls in Thailand.

Here’s The Link to Where You Can Check Out

-the bodybuilder in thailand


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    i just created a account on Badoo and to my disappointment 90% of the likes i get are from gay guys lol i hate my f*king country…need to visit Thailand soon mane..


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